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Impact evaluation secures new funding.

Banzi Catalyst was commissioned to conduct an external evaluation with the goal to establish the impact of the Healing of Memories Africa Programme.
Impact evaluation secures new funding.

Based on key recommendations in the evaluation report, The institute for the healing of memories (IHOM) received funding of R 4,100,000.00 from the Brot für die Welt (The Bread for the World Relief Agency) to continue its work with victims of trauma for a further three years. The funding was awarded following a review of its programme for the period 2020 to 2022 with additional funds allocated to secure an in-house monitoring and evaluation specialist.

As the evaluator, Banzi Catalyst was able to represent the work of the institute in its true light by delivering a genuine assessment of the state of the programme including its challenges and opportunities.

“We enjoyed working with the Banzi Catalyst team. They took the time to get to know what we do and had patience to listen to our beneficiaries in a respectful way, which is very important to us. We are delighted that Brot für die Welt has received the recommendations to enhance the programme as an opportunity to achieve greater impact with the additional funding.” says Fatima SWARTZ, Director of Programmes at IHOM.

The Institute for the Healing of Memories(IHOM) seeks to contribute to the healing journey of individuals, communities, and nations through its Healing Of Memories Model. The model was designed to provide a creative and experimental outlet for participants to overcome feelings of anger, hatred, prejudice, guilt, and other feelings, as the first step on their journey to psychological, emotional, and spiritual healing and wholeness.

Banzi Catalyst congratulates the IHOM and hope that they will continue to grow and advance their work with individuals on their journey of healing from trauma.

Impact evaluation secures new funding.

22 Mar 2023 15:31