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SAS helps companies find balance in a world of ever-shifting supply chains

SAS® Intelligent Planning Cloud deploys quickly, creates rapid results for retailers and consumer goods manufacturers
SAS helps companies find balance in a world of ever-shifting supply chains

Retailers and consumer goods manufacturers need precise demand planning now more than ever. With help from the game-changing, AI-powered SAS® Intelligent Planning Cloud, companies can anticipate and address shopper needs and shipping disruptions more effectively. The software-as-a-service solution is available now on SAS Cloud powered by Microsoft Azure.

SAS helps companies navigate changing preferences, shipping disruptions

“Successful retail and consumer goods companies need to be able to react in near-real time to operational and market conditions, as well as model future-state scenarios to enable greater business agility,” said Brian Kilcourse, managing partner at Retail Systems Research. “SAS technologies integrated with Microsoft Azure are intended to drive faster, more complete analytics so that businesses can realise time-to-market results more quickly. The SAS on Azure offering promotes sophisticated automated model building and management to support improved operational efficiencies.”

SAS Intelligent Planning Cloud is fully automated, so users get the benefit of improved clarity for solving business problems without stressing over complicated cloud operations,” said Dan Mitchell, global director of Retail and Consumer Goods at SAS. “The new norm for companies must be tapping into real-time asset, system, location and technology data with sophisticated AI and machine learning applications like those embodied by this offering. Ignoring this approach may mean lost sales, customers and market share.”

“Volatility in consumer demand only exacerbates supply chain problems. So, when your product is bobbing up and down on that ship in the harbour, you see your options and can make an informed pivot,” said Felice Miller, business strategy leader, Retail and Consumer Goods at Microsoft. “That’s why SAS and Microsoft are building a rich portfolio of supply chain-focused solutions that help companies tap into real-time data channels to fortify their own ability to sense, predict and adapt to disruptions. SAS is also a Microsoft for Cloud for Retail partner, which helps customers get up and running faster.

SAS helps companies find balance in a world of ever-shifting supply chains

Helping customers through supply chain disruptions is serious business to SAS

In addition to its strategic partnership with Microsoft Azure, SAS is building a rich network of supply chain expertise with ecosystem partners like project44 and partners like Cosmo Tech and C.H. Robinson – companies that sit at critical vantage points along the global supply chain.

Take SAS Intelligent Planning Cloud on Microsoft Azure out for a spin with a free 14-day trial.

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