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Long-term rental to suit your lifestyle

With an unwavering commitment to getting car rental right, Woodford has explored all avenues in understanding and addressing the unique challenges that customers face when hiring a vehicle - one of which has been the need to use a car for an extended period.
Long-term rental to suit your lifestyle

With barriers to owning a car including high finance and insurance costs, coupled with lots of red tape, having a car can often be a hindrance rather than a help. Long-term car rental has been seen as a possible solution – providing the best of both worlds when it comes to driving what you need to, when you need to.

Barriers to owning a car

South African roads can be a hostile place to drive, and an increasingly common problem has been the high cost of everyday insurance associated with owning the perfect car. Considering that you may only need a small car for the daily commute to work, it simply doesn’t make sense to be paying off high finance amounts (and insurance!) on a high-end vehicle. Between the red tape and exorbitant interest rates, renting a vehicle that you use every day while you save on what would be a long-term commitment is becoming increasingly popular. Woodford Car Hire is able to step in as a reliable partner, ensuring uninterrupted mobility with hassle-free vehicle options that extend from 30 days to three months. Change the size and type of vehicle you’re renting as and when you need to, without becoming tied down and locked into a constant cost.

Longer rentals for lasting memories

A popular reason for looking for a long-term rental has been the extended holiday or seasonal need. Exploring a long, cross-country drive with the family, but need more space for luggage? Or perhaps you’re planning a series of weekend visits to the mountains and need more ground clearance from your vehicle?

Whether it's a leisurely escapade or an adventurous road trip, Woodford provides you with options to make the journey smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective – so you can focus on the road ahead.

The longer holiday rental also works great and hand-in-hand with the rental of a long-term compact or small vehicle for the rest of the year. Step up and down as and when you need to, or when your plans dictate.

Getting more when you need more

Long-term rental options aren’t only limited to the everyday or leisure market. On a personal level, you may find yourself needing an extra car while a visitor borrows yours, or a larger car while you have extended family around. You could even use a month’s rental to test drive a car you’ve had your eyes on to get a true feel for the vehicle before committing.

For businesses, you may need to bolster your fleet during a busy season or have increased capacity when you really need to push the miles.

In all scenarios, the ability to seamlessly adapt to the situation according to your requirement is what sets Woodford apart.

Driven by you

Long-term rental is certainly not anything new, nor is it groundbreaking. The true essence of Woodford Car Hire's offering lies in allowing its customers the ability to adapt and stay moving.

The convenience and benefits of long-term rentals are not only enhanced by Woodford's continuous efforts to refine their services – but driven by the need to bring the very best in car rental options to their customers.

As with all of Woodford’s products, “Better, Every Day” continues to be the guiding principle that commits Woodford to providing customers with an improved experience, and there are many more exciting initiatives still to come.

Discover how Woodford can be better for you by booking your next rental with them:

6 Sep 2023 11:25