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ECR's official mobility partner

The Woodford Group - a Durban-based, mobility and logistics solutions provider - is thrilled to announce an official partnership with East Coast Radio.

The Group has partnered with ECR for more than 15 years, providing car rental services to its team through Woodford Car Hire, the largest independent car rental company in South Africa.

The latest in the two brands’ collaboration sees Woodford become the official mobility partner for ECR, marking a significant milestone in their relationship.

ECR's official mobility partner
ECR's official mobility partner

As part of this partnership, the Woodford Group will serve as the preferred mobility partner for ECR, offering comprehensive transportation solutions to the station's officials, staff, and visitors. Whether facilitating smooth transportation for on-air personalities or providing reliable vehicles for station events and promotions, Woodford – and it’s brands – will provide anything ECR needs when on the move.

Commenting on the partnership, Hellen Ngaleka of the Woodford Group, said: "We are delighted to be the official mobility partner for East Coast Radio. We’re a brand that has started and grown in Durban and KZN, so our longstanding relationship with ECR has been built on shared values of excellence and commitment to providing a great product and service to the public."

Woodford’s partnership with East Coast Radio is therefore a natural synergy, leveraging the Group's extensive experience in providing mobility solutions for various industries and events. As a well-established player in the market, brands within the Group have been associated with a wide range of partners, from international sporting events to global hospitality brands – proving its ability to deliver effective and efficient mobility solutions in every sphere.

ECR's official mobility partner
ECR's official mobility partner

As Woodford continues to expand its footprint and offering in the country, ECR listeners are invited to experience what the Group has to offer, from car rental to long-term hire to comprehensive logistics services.

11 Aug 2023 13:27