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Mortimer Harvey expands full-service offering with shopper marketing

Mortimer Harvey has introduced shopper marketing as a strategic new service offering to clients. Creative Director, Brian Ferns, and Business Unit Head, Carolyn White, will head the new capability at the agency.
Mortimer Harvey expands full-service offering with shopper marketing
Gerald Harvey, Chief Creative Officer of Mortimer Harvey, says the need to grow the consumer space of advertising into the shopper space is a natural progression for the agency. "Mortimer Harvey's philosophy has always been about results-driven, integrated communications, hence the move to develop the shopper insight and strategic creative platforms that provide real and measurable results for brands in-store."

Harvey says shopper marketing also has broader relevance that will impact positively on customer marketing in areas such as banking halls and motor showrooms. "A further opportunity is to align the shopper marketing experience and insights to the online space."

Referring to the team's expertise, Harvey says Brian and Carolyn bring a unique partnership to growing clients' businesses, and an understanding of their shoppers' challenges. "Both have a wealth of global experience and thought leadership in the shopper marketing space that places them among the best in industry. With their clear and strategic view on retail challenges, they are pioneering a new creative way forward. This will provide clients with a solid, strategic and creatively driven business solution that is managed at every touch point, both during execution and internally."

Commenting on the challenge ahead, Brian Ferns believes shopper marketing growth lies in the ability to predict shoppers' behaviour and provide real solutions. "This can only happen through a careful sifting of core insights into behaviours, brand challenges and the retail landscape in which we operate. With core insights and strategic creative ideas, we are able to align the brand's business challenge with real and measurable results."

"Although shopper marketing started predominantly in the store environment, the current business challenges are not always solved at store-level, but need to be addressed anywhere that clients have shoppers interacting with their brands. It's really about connecting people to solutions where they are most relevant. The opportunity to bring more connection points across digital and mobile media platforms and retailer collaborative initiatives will drive further incremental growth in shopper marketing and deliver on real, measurable business results."

Carolyn White observes that clients are seeking new and better ways for agencies to stimulate their business growth beyond traditional media environments. "Agencies that understand the retail space and the meeting of shopper minds with these areas will always deliver desired results. To provide the best programmes you need to live, eat, sleep and breathe the discipline, and you need to be nimble enough to act quickly and effectively - imperative in the highly competitive FMCG arena."

About Brian Ferns
Brian, Creative Director: Shopper Marketing, has 18 years' agency experience, having worked on brands such as Coca Cola, MTN, LGE, Colgate-Palmolive, Absa, Investec, Adcock Ingram, Nova Nordisk, EDCON, JET, Sasol, Discovery Health, SMART Car, Woolworths, Pick n Pay, SAB Miller and Unilever brands.

Brian's background is in CI design and packaging, as well as in neurolinguistic programming and the behavioural sciences. Brian is also a thought opinion leader, having spoken at numerous industry events, including design and packaging, shopper trends and neurolinguistic marketing. He uses this passion and skill to drive core creative shopper insights across all briefs and brings campaigns to life while understanding that shoppers need truth, beauty and joy in everything they interact with.

Brian is passionate about mapping out clear solutions for shoppers to engage with, and about ultimately bringing every brand experience to life by understanding the shopper journey.

About Carolyn White
Carolyn, Business Unit Director, has 12 years' agency TTL experience, as well as client brand and product brand experience. Key agency brands she's worked on include Novartis, Colgate-Palmolive, House of Coffees and Brazilian Coffee Shops, MINI Cooper, Steers, Harmony Gold Mining, MTN, LG Electronic brands, Estee Lauder brands, Adcock Ingram Personal Care and Vitamin Brands (OTC), United International Pictures and P&G Brands.

Carolyn is passionate about connecting great brands with innovative shopper solutions by understanding the value that brands represent in people's lives, and striving for solutions that add consistent value along shopper journeys.

About Mortimer Harvey
Mortimer Harvey is a Johannesburg-based, full-service and results-driven, integrated communications agency that delivers hard-working advertising and communication solutions. Services include classical above- and below-the-line advertising, brand development and consulting, strategic marketing development, promotions, interactive web services, direct, CRM, public relations and events and sponsorships. For further details, visit

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