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Creative content that comes alive

When it came to creating our annual calendar, we looked beyond the ordinary. We wanted something interactive, visually appealing, useful and a window on our exciting new OmniChannel offering.
Creative content that comes alive

Sure, it had to have all the dates, but it needed to have something more. Something a little different to appeal to our clients, our prospects and our very demanding internal staff.

First of all, you need to understand what Mortimer Harvey OmniChannel is all about. We use data-driven insights to produce relevant content and communications that places the consumer at the centre of our strategy and ensures that they get the content and information they need – when, where and how they want it. Based on our OmniChannel offering, we decided to use the content to introduce and explain exactly what we do that makes Mortimer Harvey a little different from your run of the mill advertising agency.

Each month exciting new content is released giving a snapshot of one of our offerings, from; above-the-line and digital marketing and communications services, to go-tomarket strategies in Africa and the Middle East, brand activations and events, PR, content creation and distribution, music marketing and innovative loyalty programmes.

The creative team looked to Layar, the global leader in augmented reality and interactive print technology. Using their software we took an ordinary calendar and turned it into an integrated video, audio, print and mobile experience that showcases everything we do.
It’s very simple. You download the Layar app, then scan the calendar with your mobile and watch as each month’s content comes to life in front of you.

What started out as a simple calendar turned into something richer. So far, the content we’ve generated has been used on brochure leave-behinds at events and pitches, social media and media launches.

It’s the ideal example of how print and digital worlds can become one, with enriching content that distributes meaningful information directly to people when, where and how they want to experience it. That’s OmniChannel marketing in it’s purest form.

26 Feb 2016 10:56


Mortimer Harvey