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Mortimer Harvey direct and digital gurus to judge DMA's 2015 International ECHO Awards

Mortimer Harvey's Direct Business Director, Winnifred Knight, and Digital Business Director, Luisa Mazinter, left for New York City last week to judge entries for the coveted Direct Marketing Association's (DMA) 2015 International ECHO™ Awards.
International ECHO™ Awards judges, who are nominated by the ECHO™ Judging and Rules Committee, are an elite group of senior-level professionals, client-side marketers, agency account directors and senior creatives with years of response-marketing experience, as well as specific industry experience.

Overall, participating judges come from cities across the United States, the UK, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, France, Brazil, South Africa, Slovenia, India, Ireland, Malaysia and Japan.

Andrew Fradd, Group Managing Director of Mortimer Harvey, says the agency is most fortunate to have direct and digital marketers of Winnifred and Luisa's calibre on board. "They have, between them, over 50 years' experience in most of the marketing disciplines, specialising in integrated, multi/ omni-channel strategies that combine direct, data and digital marketing. Their hands-on experience and dedication to excellence have certainly earned them the honour of being the only judges nominated from Africa for a number of years."

The DMA's 2015 International ECHO™ Awards officially opened for entries earlier this year. All judging will take place at the DMA Headquarters in New York City.

The three rounds will take place this week as follows:
Round 1: Monday, August 17
Round 2: Tuesday and Wednesday, August 18 and 19
Round 3: Thursday, August 20

All entries will be reviewed and scored using a new digital tool - this will allow for more flexibility during the judging process and will enable judges to review and judge more entries.

South African judges, Knight and Mazinter, are well-known and respected for sharing their knowledge through their marketing portal and training programmes. Their mission in education is to sharpen skills, increase competency and keep all communications professionals updated on the latest information and best practices in the field.

Knight and Mazinter joined Mortimer Harvey in January 2015 and oversee the Direct and Digital divisions, respectively.

"Winnifred and Luisa have a proven track record for preparing employees to handle their next project; their next challenge. They're committed to keeping the industry up to date in an ever-evolving environment," says Fradd.

About Winnifred Knight
Winnifred oversees the Mortimer Harvey Direct team. She is also a director of and has been in the industry for over 40 years.

She's lectured for many years on a wide variety of topics and runs marketing and business management training for companies and individuals.

Her workshops are geared towards practical skills-based learning for younger people coming into the industry, for small business owners and entrepreneurs, for middle to upper management in organisations and for professionals and specialists.

Winnifred developed with her partner, Luisa Mazinter, to give businesses access to information and guidance on marketing, communications, advertising and sales.

The marketing portal is a resource that's provided free to the industry (local and global) and offers a wide range of customisable and comprehensive marketing information and business insights. It helps marketers plan their communications initiatives and streamline and improve the quality of their marketing efforts, while supporting personal career growth and development.

Over her many years in the industry, Winnifred has built up one of the largest independently owned direct marketing libraries in Southern Africa. Many international associations have established a relationship with her to supply their users with information. In addition, the library is used as a reference library for most of South Africa's universities, colleges and educational institutions.

She travels overseas several times a year to different countries as a speaker and visitor at conferences and seminars and is also a yearly visitor and friend to the DMA USA Headquarters in New York City, where they value her input on international matters.

Winnifred was invited to join the Global Advisory Board of the DMA USA for her extensive reputation, professionalism and experience in the industry. Several years ago she was invited to sit on the International Advisory Board for the DMAi India and to be the International Co-Chair for the Indian Direct Marketing Awards and Convention Program. Winnifred was also inducted into the DMAi Hall of Fame in June 2013.

As a global leader in her field of strategy, creativity and results, Winnifred is part of a global panel of final-round judges for the DMA USA ECHO™ Awards, which is recognised as the most prestigious direct marketing awards globally. She's been judging the ECHO™ Awards since the early 1990s.

About Luisa Mazinter
Luisa is in charge of the Mortimer Harvey Digital and Social Media Channels. She is also CEO of and co-founder of Cube [On The Square], a strategic marketing and e-business consultancy founded in 1998. The company specialised in marketing and e-business strategy development, web and mobile marketing development projects and data-driven interactive marketing campaigns.

Cube [On The Square] has consulted, developed interactive websites and implemented multi-channel campaigns for many top companies in South Africa.

Luisa developed and presents accredited programmes on e-business, e-marketing and mobile marketing through the Gordon Institute of Business Science and the University of Johannesburg.

She also runs tailored in-house training courses and workshops for companies and is regularly invited as a guest lecturer by various universities, colleges and industry associations.

Luisa completed her MBA at the Gordon Institute of Business Science in 2005. The title of her research thesis was Measuring the Economic Value that Marketing Contributes to an Organisation.

Luisa travels regularly to attend international conferences and exhibitions and participates in many panel discussions on her topics of expertise. Luisa sits on the International Advisory Board for the DMAi India.

As a global leader in her field of strategy, creativity and results, Luisa is part of an international panel of final-round judges for the DMA USA ECHO™ Awards, which is recognised as the most prestigious direct marketing awards globally.

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