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Barloworld Power and Cat power systems bring you smarter energy solutions for Africa

We have all been experiencing energy challenges for years and, on top of that, Africa has the lowest electricity access rate in the world at just over 40%. Let's face it, current energy challenges are forcing us to be more self-reliant or we risk losing productivity. Barloworld Power understands the need for smarter energy solutions.
Barloworld Power and Cat power systems bring you smarter energy solutions for Africa

We are all looking for powerful, sustainable and renewable energy that promotes greater eco-friendliness while driving down costs. You need solutions that offer reliable power, efficiency and reduced emissions. Taking this into consideration, we think you could benefit from taking a look at our Cat® gas generator sets.

We offer a range of gas-powered solutions to meet your requirements. From mechanical systems such as gas fuel trains and heat recovery systems to exhaust after-treatment that complies with the world’s most stringent emission requirements.

Wherever you find yourself in Africa, Barloworld Power can support you with Cat® power systems. Whether your energy demand is big or small, we have power generation equipment that can deliver the power you need with a variety of fuel options:

  • Biogas-fueled generator sets utilise methane gas produced by the breakdown of food waste, animal waste or landfills.
  • Natural gas is one of the cleanest burning fuels, helping you meet strict emission and environmental regulations.
  • Propane is a fuel alternative that can be stored onsite. It burns hotter requiring special engine selection and tuning.

Take a look at some of the real-life solutions our power systems offer:

  • Reducing costs for cloud computing facilities
  • Using food waste for biogas that produces energy to power 2000+ homes each year
  • Bringing power to countries where less than 25% of people have access to electricity
  • Reduce energy costs and meet environmental regulations for a steelmaking company
  • Reduce emissions and air pollution of a 75-year-old power facility.

For more than 90 years, our goal has been to deliver the most reliable power generation at the lowest possible cost. Today, Barloworld Power in conjunction with Caterpillar not only manufactures power generation equipment but also provides customised project financing via Cat Financial.

Whether you need a custom power solution or a permanent solution for your temporary power needs, Barloworld Power is up to the task. Being a partner behind your success, we are invested in you finding the best power solution for your business.

7 Feb 2022 13:28