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Get the right size and fit

Barloworld Equipment is all about providing you with quality equipment and trustworthy service that you can be confident in. We want to help you find Ground Engaging Tools (GET) that are the right size and fit for you and your business. Let's explore ground engaging tools and what you should consider when choosing these tools.
Get the right size and fit

As you know, ground engaging tools (GET) are parts of equipment that come into direct contact with the ground, assisting with moving, cutting, and grading materials. As these tools absorb a substantial amount of impact during construction and excavation activities on your worksite, they have to be highly wear-resistant. GET can include but are not limited to buckets, blades, tips edges, ripper and side cutters.

Research suggests that repeated exposure to abrasive materials on the worksite can lead to the wear and tear of earthmoving equipment. Decreasing equipment damage and increasing productivity can be uncomplicated if you implement preventative measures and take a few factors into account when selecting your GET.

How to select ground engaging tools

GET may not be the most exciting aspect of earthmoving equipment, however, they are the most important part of any machine. Barloworld Equipment gives you the opportunity to select GET that will leave you feeling confident and safe. Undoubtedly, work tools and GET play a major role in determining how well a machine performs on-site.

As mining and construction activities become more sophisticated - selecting innovative and job-specific products has become an integral part of ensuring efficient business operations. Failure to select a suitable GET not only affects productivity but also impacts fuel consumption, maintenance costs and possibly the longevity of the actual machine. Choosing a GET system can be quite a task as there are so many options available.

It is important to consider the application when choosing the right GET. Equipment users in tough & demanding worksites might consider premium GET for frequent as an option, particularly in instances where GET items need frequent replacing. In these cases, GET replacement strategies are important and need to be budgeted for, as an unexpected break-down can result in costly downtime.
KEY OBJECTIVESIdentifying your key objective for the required GET is equally important. What are the machine goals? Do you need maximum performance from your GET or reduced costs? No matter the business objective, clearly articulating key priorities will assist in determining the right size and fit of GET system.
Take notes and keep a record of the GET performance, particularly its endurance in the different applications as this will improve future selection. To successfully record the GET lifespan, you need to measure it in machine hours. It is imperative to also note factors such as:
  • Manufacturing process used in developing the GET
  • Worksite application
  • Type of surface the GET come into contact with
  • Climate condition
  • Skill of equipment operators

as all these factors contribute to the GET lifespan.

Benefits of investing in preventative maintenance for GET

- Periodic monitoring - It is essential to check for any damaged, missing or worn out GET components. This proactive approach can reduce the risk for potential damage on expensive components such as buckets, dozer blades and motor grader moldboards.

- Increase equipment lifespan - Failure to schedule periodic maintenance for the machine is likely to cause the equipment to wear rapidly which will decrease its lifespan. Regular maintenance prevents unexpected breakdowns and ensures that work tools last longer.

- Minimise downtime - Unexpected machine breakdowns make it impossible to adhere to project timelines, therefore, preventative maintenance is key to ensuring smooth operations and reduced downtime.

- Reduce costs - By investing in periodic maintenance for equipment you can avoid more expensive damages on the machine, as a machine that does not undergo routine maintenance is likely to break down completely and it may be costly to repair.

As always Barloworld Equipment is a partner behind your success, which is why we want to help you choose the best ground engaging tools for your machine and worksite. Talk to one of our experts and let us help you feel secure and confident in your GET system.

3 Feb 2022 15:57