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Africa's richest square mile's new addition

District Media Group started with a single building wrap in the Johannesburg CBD five years ago and, this year, it has launched its first digital site in the heart of the Sandton CBD. The boards set in the heart of Africa's richest square mile are the first of its nationwide roll out.
Whether it’s viewers or advertisers, the billboards are set to become a welcome sight as opposed to the age-old static boards.

MD of District Media Group, Viby Prakash, said the two digital billboards they have added to the Sandton CBD were in keeping with the evolution of technology and advancements of media platforms.

“Digital is definitely the future. During Covid-19’s hard lockdown, the out of home industry endured a massive setback and we too have had to evolve our business to show more value to our consumers. These digital billboards will do just that by keeping viewers engaged,” said Prakash.

As an SMME – which was started five years ago – Prakash said this was a huge achievement to be able to install digital boards in a retail hub as big as Sandton.

The billboards, both along Rivonia Road, will reach one of the highest LSMs and busiest roads in the country – which has Prakash enthusiastic about the reception it will receive.

“Digital allows the content to change so even if you pass the board every day you will still look to see what is being flighted,” said Prakash.

Unlike static billboards, the digital will flight a rotation of visuals and will allow for immediate amendments from a central hub where they will be controlled.

The rotation of visuals are expected to keep viewers engrossed whenever they pass by as it will change constantly so people won’t be accustomed to knowing what is on the boards.

“With the newer tech we have introduced people are going to be drawn to it when they drive our walk past. For our clients, it’s something different and with the traffic and high foot flow it’s going to be a fantastic way for them to communicate with audiences,” said Prakash.

The billboards are another step towards District Media Group’s vision of becoming the leading out of home service provider in Gauteng.

The billboards went live on 1 May 2021.

23 Jun 2021 09:46