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Travel without limits

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Travel without limits

Travellers with disabilities have to overcome many barriers when planning, booking, and venturing on a trip, whether for business or pleasure. Some of these are minor inconveniences, but others can make travel extremely difficult, or even impossible, without help. My Trip PA has partnered with Fability & Able2Travel to create a service that caters to individuals travelling with disabilities or special needs, as well as elders and kids that require special assistance.

“We believe that travel is for everyone and that nothing should prevent someone from having a memorable and amazing trip. That’s why we have joined Fability & Able2Travel to ensure we have options available for persons with disabilities or special needs so they can get the most out of every experience. Our mission is to ensure travel is inclusive and this is just one more way we are ensuring that we are aligned to that mission,” says managing director, Gareth De Jager.

The partnership gives physically travellers the convenience of a personal digital travel assistant that can take care of all your business and holiday trip requirements, from searching the best places to go, with options provided that are vetted by Able2Travel to ensure they meet the standards needed, to building travel itineraries for solo travel or groups. My Trip PA handles all the booking requirements including the admin details thereafter, reducing the hours it usually takes to find the best accommodations, vet their services, book with them and manage the bookings.

In addition to these standard services, in partnership with Fability, My Trip PA offers travellers an option to include assistant caregivers who have various levels of expertise to choose from, based on their need, so those with disabilities can have a sense of independence and freedom, allowing a few adrenaline-pumping activities, and opportunities to do more on their trip.

We are proud to offer some amazing Covid-19 safe packages, from visiting the Big 5 in the Kruger National Park, to golf tours in Mauritius, business breakaways across Africa or trips to a ski resort in Lesotho as a solo or group getaway, are just some of the exciting packages to choose from.

We take care of travel admin, you enjoy the destination. Let us bring the world to you.

Who are we?

As a full-service travel concierge, My Trip PA is your go-to guy. Whether you’re planning a solo escape, a couple’s getaway, a group or corporate travel experience, or looking for a ready-made tailored package, we’ve got you covered. Each My Trip PA client is allocated a dedicated and passionate personal travel assistant who will work closely with you to make your next travel experience amazing! As travel-planning fundis armed with tonnes of research, we will ensure that your every want and need is met, and that every aspect of your trip is planned to perfection, whether you like to have every minute scheduled or if you prefer to keep things a bit more spontaneous. By getting to know you and your interests personally, My Trip PA will advise you on the best time to visit your desired destination – and what experiences to enjoy while you’re there.

Fability is a business and lifestyle guide that was created to inspire, encourage and empower anyone who faces challenges daily, whether it’s being disabled or overcoming adversity. Our lifestyle guide combines fabulousness with sharing innovative ideas on how we can improve our daily lives with a positive mindset. Founder Bernadette Rigney has skills and management insight in infrastructure and development as well as transformation and diversity in Human Resources, gleaned from her employment of eight years in government.

Able2Travel is a company founded by Tarryn Tomlinson, inclusion consultant whose focus is on creating accessible tourism destinations. By working with hospitality and tourism bodies and businesses; the company seeks to improve the standards of accessibility for travellers with disabilities. The focus is to make sure that travellers are well informed and catered for by hospitality partners.

For more information or to book with us visit or email moc.appirtym@ofni.

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