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Brené Brown's Dare to Lead online series invites you to build courage for these times of uncertainty

Navigating what is likely to be another difficult year, business leaders, managers and employees are faced with likely challenges such as staff retrenchments, a downturned economy, remote working, digital fatigue, the fear of becoming irrelevant and uncertainty about what work will look like after the pandemic. 2021 is going to require daring leadership.
Brené Brown's Dare to Lead online series invites you to build courage for these times of uncertainty

Julia Kerr Henkel, MD of Lumminos Coaching and a Certified Dare to Lead facilitator, trained by Brené Brown, is hosting a series of Dare to Lead trainings in March, May and July this year.

“To scale daring leadership in teams, organisations and communities, we must be courageous enough to develop ourselves so that it’s possible to cultivate a culture in which brave work, tough conversations and whole hearts are the expectation and leading from our armoured self-protected, often fearful selves, is not necessary nor rewarded,” says Henkel.

“Business leaders are feeling vulnerable, which is defined as an emotion we all experience when faced with uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure. No one is able to confidently predict or control the outcome and this can lead us to behaving from places of anxiety, scarcity, competition and comparison.”

According to Brené Brown’s 20 years of research, the number one trigger for shame in people in the workplace today is the fear of irrelevance. 

“Leading, managing, working and living in today’s reality, requires a great deal of courage and resilience. Whether you lead an organisation, team or just yourself we all have a responsibility to lead, which involves the daring work of developing the potential in ourselves and other people and processes. The good news is courage is a collection of four skill sets that are teachable, observable and measurable, so anyone can learn to be brave,” adds Henkel

These skill sets include learning how to rumble with vulnerability, living into your values, braving trust and learning to rise after setback, disappointment, failure and even grief.

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About Julia Kerr Henkel

Henkel runs Lumminos, a full-service coaching and culture change consultancy, which dares its clients to lead, learn, live, love and parent with awareness, skills, compassion and humour.

She is an ICF PCC-level coach, seasoned change and organisational development consultant and speaker. In March 2019, Julia Kerr Henkel studied with Brené Brown in Texas and is now one of a handful of Certified Dare to Lead facilitators in Africa, commissioned to deliver work on her behalf.

Prior to starting Lumminos, Henkel spent four years at Goldman Sachs London and was a director for eight years at College Hill Investor Relations and Magna Carta, comms and reputation management agencies.

11 Feb 2021 07:14