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Here's why conversational marketing is key to accelerating revenue

If consumers are no longer buying things the way they used to, you can safely assume that the way businesses have been taught to sell things is not half as effective as it was years ago.
Here's why conversational marketing is key to accelerating revenue

The average B2B buyers aren’t sticking around if a business forces them to jump through too many hoops before their needs are addressed. In addition to a speedy response, a buyer wants personalisation and conversation, not a generic contact form and a promise that you’ll call back with a quote or meeting request in two to three working days.

In a world of instant gratification, consumers have been taught to expect things now. Think Netflix, Uber, Takealot and Mr D. So why is there still friction in the B2B sales journey?

Simply put, the traditional marketing funnel is not working on modern consumers and it’s high time for businesses to pivot.

Here’s how that funnel used to work:

Here's why conversational marketing is key to accelerating revenue

According to a Harvard Business Review study, 65% of consumers say that the amount of time they spend just getting ready to talk to a sales rep is actually the amount of time they had initially set aside for the entire purchase process.

A similar study by the Nielsen Norman Group proves that businesses have 10 seconds to capture the interest of site visitors before potentially losing a lead.

So how do you utilise those 10 precious seconds? Conversational marketing.

This new approach to conducting business has reimagined how companies engage with their site visitors. It streamlines the buyer’s journey and initiates one-on-one conversations in real-time, using targeted messaging and AI chatbots.

With the modern consumer in mind, this approach is what will shorten your sales cycle and optimise your business’s brand promise, inevitably accelerating revenue and impacting on your bottom line.

But how?

Engagement with site visitors

Regardless of how much you’ve invested in quality marketing and advertising content, if you aren’t engaging with your audience once you’ve attracted them to your website, you’ve already lost the battle.

Customers don’t have the time to navigate your website without any support. They want immediate engagement that mimics authentic in-person interaction.

But if there’s no-one there to help or no easy way for consumers to ask a question or book a meeting, visitors are more likely to navigate away from the site.
In fact, 88% of consumers are less likely to find their way back to your site after a bad user experience, so best you ensure that each user experience is a positive one.
Conversational marketing gives you the tools to know how you can align your messaging with your customers’ exact needs. These tools will inform you of where your visitors come from and who they are – including their background, motivations, challenges and needs.

Your goal is simple: Engage with every person who visits your website. Start conversations with them, qualify each lead and generate meetings. This is the foundation needed to generate conversations and foster a good working relationship with your buyers, deepening your understanding of their needs.

Impacting on that bottom line

Combining conversational marketing and conversational sales strategies gives you a revenue acceleration platform that revolutionises your customers’ end-to-end experience.

These tools give your paid-for traffic the personalised buying journey they’re looking for, while offering existing customers – including high-value buyers – a red-carpet user experience specific to their needs.

The benefits of integrating conversation into your marketing and sales processes are twofold. Not only do you remove friction and smooth the sales process to ensure an enjoyable buying experience, you also optimise your business processes overall.

Using targeted messaging and AI chatbots, you can qualify site visitors and let your sales team know when they need to engage. As soon as the notification is sent, your reps can jump into the conversation and engage with buyers in real time.

Conversational marketing tools also give your site visitors an option to automatically schedule a meeting if they are not ready to chat immediately – an option that’s available to them 24/7/365. This ultimately increases the likelihood of converting the right brand of customers and optimising your ROI.

Our conversational marketing tools like chatbots, live chat, platform and AI run on two of the best SaaS providers in the world. More than 100,000 businesses including 2/3 of the US Fortune 500 trust their platform to deliver results. To date, they have influenced millions of dollars’ worth of revenue. Our strategic partnership allows us to provide an enterprise tiered conversational marketing solution.

Check out our website for case studies on some of the world's largest brands using conversational marketing.

You can also find our Guide to Conversational Marketing here.

26 Oct 2020 07:31