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How conversational marketing can optimise your B2B sales cycle

Today's consumers have become very specific about how they want to engage and interact with companies. With the ever-changing digital environment eliminating human interaction from the sales process, all a consumer needs to become a loyal customer is conversation and personalisation, and B2B customers are no different to any other.
How conversational marketing can optimise your B2B sales cycle

They want to interact in real-time with your business; they want to engage with the appropriate representative at their convenience; and they want to navigate a streamlined sales process without having to fill out a contact form or wait for feedback. Often, they cannot afford to delay the sales process any longer than need be – time is money, after all.

In fact, according to the Accenture, 73% of B2B buyers say they want a personalised, B2C-like customer experience. With this in mind, B2B companies running a successful sales process know that conversational marketing is integral to doing business online.

It’s all about talking to your prospects

Your sales reps need to capitalise on the traffic that your marketing team is driving to your site by engaging and conversing with consumers at their level. Good conversational marketing practice gives potential customers the option to reach out and get the information they need, when they need it, without feeling bombarded by sales pitches.

If you strike the balance just right, implementing a conversational marketing approach will optimise your sales process.

Here’s how:

Conversational marketing will shorten your sales cycle

If your sales cycle is too long or unnecessarily complicated, prospects will disengage early on. Over the years, the sales process devolved into a lengthy back and forth of endless forms and unnecessary meetings before a deal was finally sealed (if it even got to that).

The change you need to get back to a straightforward sales process lies in conversational marketing and all you need to do is make it easier for prospects to talk to you. You can do this through targeted messaging and AI chatbots.

Conversational marketing ensures that your sales process moves at the speed your prospects demand, and not how your business dictates.

Conversational marketing will fast-track 1:1 engagement

The more hoops you make your prospects jump through, the greater the odds of losing them.

You might be driving qualified leads to your website but somehow, in the process of converting that lead, you lose them. This could happen at any time if the sales process is too lengthy: before submitting forms, before a meeting is requested, before a meeting is booked. If the sales process takes several days before your reps get in touch with a lead, you can kiss that lead goodbye. According to research done by LeadResponseManagement, waiting five minutes to respond to a lead leads to a 10x drop in connection rate.

Ensure this doesn’t happen to you by making it easier for people to book meetings as soon as they enter your site. Here again, a chatbot can help. With automated scheduling, a bot can qualify the website visitor and serve up available meeting times, enabling them to book a slot with a sales rep without any unnecessary back-and-forth.

Check out our Guide to Conversational Marketing here.

Conversational marketing will smooth the buying process

An overwhelming majority of consumers say they’d prefer to contact a business directly to answer any pressing questions they might have. This means businesses should have an arsenal of prepared information at the ready to offer those answers as soon as a question lands in their inbox.

A drawn-out sales process does not lend itself to the fast-paced way of doing business in the 21st century. We need to level up by matching the way a modern B2B buyer makes a purchase – swiftly, efficiently and much like the frictionless sales process of B2C companies. This starts with a conversational marketing approach.

Rest assured, if you’re not engaging with a prospect as soon as they land on your site, you’re putting a strain on your sales opportunities and revenue.

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20 Oct 2020 12:01