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Female leaders supporting women/girls in innovation this August 2021

If you and your organisation/team/department/colleagues or school/varsity learners are looking for a 15-20-minute burst of online* inspiration, encouragement or insight into the world of innovation 4IR - our women-led management team would love the opportunity to #connect #collaborate and #celebrate with you as these are our core organisational values.
(*Durban-based organisations – in-person events can be considered based on availability/proximity.)

Management speakers include:
  1. Aurelia Albert, CEO of Innovate Durban. "Young female leader and influencer in Innovation"
  2. Susanne Ramsunder, programme lead at Innovate Durban. "Supporting innovators in our city/province"
  3. Amy Benn, co-lab lead at Innovate Durban. "Equipping innovators to develop their skills"
  4. Karen Brokensha, partnership lead at Innovate Durban. "Building partnerships and networks through sharing stories of innovation"

To engage or for more info please contact our event's coordinator Nosipho Radebe on nabrud.etavonni@ohpison

Diversity of leadership styles and skills builds a stronger and more resilient female tribe
Diversity of leadership styles and skills builds a stronger and more resilient female tribe

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About Innovate Durban

Innovate Durban (RF) NPC is a registered non-profit company set up in 2017 as a special purpose vehicle by the municipality to support innovation, innovators and innovation ecosystem through programmes, research and capacity building and skills development. The programmes and activities of the organisation are supported through the virtual and physical platforms and events. In March 2020, Innovate Durban launched the first township lab (Cato Manor, Durban) in the region set up to democratise access to digital tools and training.

4 Aug 2021 11:32