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Prepaid24: The need to provide online convenience

People shop online for various reasons. Necessity. Savings. Anonymity. Service. These are words that shoppers regularly use to explain why they choose to transact online.

The word that gets used more than any other, however, is “Convenience.”

In over a decade in the online prepaid market, we have found that there is nothing more important to the online customer than convenience. It is what he/she is constantly seeking – it’s what makes them tick.

Prepaid24: The need to provide online convenience

This leaves online businesses asking the obvious question: “How do we offer clients more convenience?”

Prepaid24’s strategy has always been to do what we do (prepaid electricity) best and to continue raising the bar in terms of service speed and quality in South Africa. We’ve become the experts in the online electricity market and take great pride in providing clients with their electricity within mere minutes after receiving their payment, regardless of what time it is. Added to this, and maybe even more important, is the fact that we are available from 7 a.m. – 11 p.m., 365 days of the year, ready to answer any questions and solve any challenges our clients may have.

But despite these benefits, we wanted to take the convenience of shopping with Prepaid24 to the “next level.” This desire is what led to the launch of our brand new bouquet of products, which now includes products from world-renowned brands like Netflix, Google Play, Uber, Microsoft, Kaspersky, Sony, Spotify and many more!

We are ecstatic about becoming more than just a prepaid electricity provider. Clients who always bought their electricity online through Prepaid24 will now also be able to top up their Netflix subscription, buy Microsoft licenses for the office and purchase vouchers for an Uber Eats meal with a simple transaction.

We believe that convenience is offered by providing clients with what they need and coupling that with world class service.

By providing consumers with these newly-added products and the same level of service and seamless product delivery that our electricity clients have come to enjoy for the past 10 years, we hope to Exceed client’s Expectations and provide them with convenience like never before.

23 Oct 2019 16:03