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Unlocking potential through digital learning

According to, remote digital working and learning is likely to remain for years to come.
In an effort to drive online training and education excellence forward, and create enhanced digital learning experiences for students alike, the Black Wolf Group has invested into a learning experience business that supports inclusive learning, accessibility and the development of progressive learning experiences.

How can Black Ops Inc. help your business?

"Black Ops Inc. is a highly customisable learning experience platform that provides digital learning solutions to match your organisational needs.

Our services are tailored for both businesses and universities to drive digital learning forward. Our bespoke solution integrates into an organisation’s existing training and HR infrastructure and streamlines the staff training and onboarding process. Black Ops Inc. allows businesses to swiftly transform raw talent into industry-relevant expertise. The learning experience methodology is designed to enhance students' learning, and improve learning outcomes,” explains Sven Wolf, Group CEO.

Black Ops Inc. helps to unlock the potential of people

By leveraging the power of digital, we can significantly enhance your business agility, sustain operational integrity and streamline training efforts. Our training solutions equip people with the ability to grasp the value of their talents and harness it in the modern business landscape.

For corporates

With the right learning partner and solution, organisations can significantly enhance their training and onboarding process, thus improving business operations. By implementing a tailored online learning experience, businesses can help newcomers rapidly grasp the ins and outs as well as retain and grow existing talent.

For universities

“The solution will allow universities to offer learning experiences with a high level of inclusiveness and empathy. Driving learning online further supports accessibility and allows students to learn at their own pace, or with a combination of blended learning touchpoints. This online learning initiative is set to be piloted by The Cape Peninsula University of Technology(CPUT) in early 2021,” says Wolf.

Your learning experience partner

Black Ops Inc. offers industry-leading training solutions through a fully scalable and highly customisable learning platform. Using agile technology practices, our ecosystem of product offerings seamlessly integrates into your existing business infrastructure, allowing you to easily observe and govern training efforts with tremendous simplicity and dexterity. This liberates your team from menial responsibilities, allowing you to redirect their talents to higher tier objectives.

If you would like to find out more about our Black Ops Inc. learning solutions, or if you would just like to get in touch with us to say hi, check us out on social media or drop us an email (moc.cnispokcalb@nevs).

15 Feb 2021 11:20