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Futuretech Media: Women paving a way for women

There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise, her resilience intensifies as she recognises the magnitude of the power she possesses within her. She has a light buried in her soul and her light is so bright, it illuminates a pathway for others to flare. One by one she lights up a thousand candles from her candle because she knows a candle loses nothing by lighting another. These are the fundamentals that have inspired the Future Tech Media Foundation, Future Network by Women for Women.
Being in the forefront of the media industry Futuretech has witnessed and continues to witness the exceptional reflection of female excellence within the industry. For decades we have seen women become industry giants. We believe that women belong in the places where decisions are being made. A woman at the boardroom table should not be an exception but rather a norm.

The foundation is led and co-founded by Futuretech’s COO, Zaheida Sayed and Mrs Koo Govender (CEO Dentsu SA). The foundation seeks to attract members who are pioneers and exemplary role models in the digital marketing industry. Women who have and continue to pave the way for other females to make valuable contributions to the industry. With digital marketing being such a fast-paced industry, the foundation aims to enable each of its members with a novel approach ensuring they tackle each challenge with innovation, panache and sophistication only a women can bring.

Futuretech Media: Women paving a way for womenFuturetech Media: Women paving a way for women

The foundation seeks to build a society where women are equipped with the necessary tools and skills to succeed in the marketing industry, which is why the foundation implemented platforms and programmes to breathe life into their vision. The foundation seeks to introduce a Mentoring Program designed to provide mentoring to members to offer support through experience-based guidance to help mentees overcome career challenges.

With the introduction of sunset hour, to be scheduled the last Friday of every quarter, members of the foundation will surround themselves with like-minded women in an informal environment to create personal relationships.

The Foundation further aims to award academic sponsorships to deserving students furthering their studies in digital marketing. The FWBW Foundation has hosted and will continue to host biannual seminars that include workshops and events for members who wish to upskill and make the most of their marketing careers.

It does not stop there, the Foundation has introduced internship programs with the intention to help young minds develop professional attitudes, strengthen their personal character, and provides a greater door to opportunity.

This women’s month Futuretech Media welcomed two young and bright-minded female interns who had attended one of the seminars hosted by the Foundation. The seminar was open to digital marketing students in their final year of study. The seminar allowed participants to showcase their learnings from their classrooms to the esteemed judges; Koo Govender (CEO Dentsu Aegis SA), Clare Trafankowska-Neal (MD at iProspect and Vizeum SA) who are the current board members and Mimi Thabethe (Head of Media and Digital Transformation CHC Sanofi).

Futuretech Media: Women paving a way for women

The Foundation wants all women to understand that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. No matter who you are or where you are from, your dreams are valid. We want to encourage our young dreamers to silence those who limit their imaginations or belittle their ambitions. We want them to understand that dreams can become a reality when one has a vision, a willingness to work hard and a relentless alignment with excellence. To get in touch with the foundation feel free to contact Futuretech at moc.erutufsisiht@adiehax.

31 Aug 2021 11:39