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South African taxpayers' last opportunity to choose where their tax money goes - invest before 30 June

Get R1 for every 55c you invest. Make your 100% tax deductible investment before 30 June 2021. The sunset is upon us.
Investing in Section 12J is low hanging fruit and should be top of mind for every savvy investor. This is a last opportunity for South African taxpayers to get R1 for every 55c invested into a Section 12J fund.

Naturally, investors are weighing up their 12J investment options. Grovest is encouraging investors to do their homework.

Key 12J decision-making factors, include:
    - The importance of a diversified portfolio
    How much of that should be allocated to Section 12J? Hear what Malcolm Segal, Grovest co-founder and chairperson, has to say on the topic.
    - Why 12J should only make up 5-10% of your overall investment portfolio
    - Why investing in 12J first, before going offshore, gives you a better return
    - Not all 12Js are equal: Be careful with your choice, and follow these key guiding criteria when making your 12J investment decision
    - Which industries are delivering key economic growth in the next five years
Whether you are a seasoned 12J investor, investing in a Section 12J fund for the first time, or advising your clients on 12J, there are a variety of 12J options to suit your portfolio and investment amount.

Browse our market-leading funds:

Mdluli Safari Lodge
Mdluli Safari Lodge
Rencell Solar
Rencell Solar
SilverLeaf Investments
SilverLeaf Investments
MeTTa Capital
MeTTa Capital
Pepperclub Invest
Pepperclub Invest
Sunstone Capital
Sunstone Capital

View our 12J fund manager report

Section 12J might be cut short at the end of June, but our bespoke report shows why this alternative asset class still serves as an incredibly attractive investment vehicle. Download report

Before the sunset on 30 June, you’ll surely benefit from hearing from Grovest’s CEO, Jeff Miller, as he explains what Section 12J is and how it works; as well as why you should invest into a 12J vs offshore. Watch videos.

Already invested into 12J?

Are you looking to re-invest? Here’s what you should be considering. Hear what Malcolm Segal, Grovest co-founder and chairperson has to say. Watch the video here:

Grovest are the pioneers of Section 12J since its inception and are the largest administrators of 12J funds and manage a number of top-performing funds in the industry. They are encouraging all South African taxpayers to take advantage of their last opportunity to choose where their tax money goes. Not only is it a personal tax shield, it also delivers returns to investors, and puts some much needed funding stimulus into our Covid-ravaged economy.

Your tax money. Your choice. Your last opportunity. Invest before 30 June!

Any questions or if you want to set up a one-on-one meeting to discuss 12J further, please contact Grovest’s CEO and co-founder, Jeff Miller, on az.oc.tsevorg@mffej or +27 (0)11 262 6433

31 May 2021 12:39