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Afropulse Media scores a SuperSport Super Diski campaign

In the last few years, Afropulse Media has made it its mission to be a creative solutions business that produces award-worthy brand stories that are meaningful to consumers and impacts the client's bottom line.
This mission became a reality when the Afropulse Media team scooped up the much-coveted 2018 Promax Advertising Awards Gold for Fox Networks Group Mama Africa Award followed by two silvers in Best Special Event Promo and Best Sports Promo all for the GOtv Fifa World Cup Pan African Television spots.

An opportunity from DStv through SuperSport came along. A full-on 360 campaign for SuperDiski, SuperSports’ vehicle to showcase the ABSA Premier Soccer League games, magazine shows and much more. The campaign needed a compelling TV commercial to champion SuperSports on air talent as the guardians of the local league with the fans being the heroes. The TV would be supported with above-the-line, below-the-line and digital collateral.

Inspired and using the momentum from the Promax wins, the Afropulse Media (APM) team headed by Executive Creative Director Stanley Denga and supported by Creative Director Kgosi Motshidi embarked on a challenge to make the 2019/2020 ABSA Premier Soccer League the most-watched league in South Africa on DStv through SuperDiski.

To create meaningful work that is impactful, the Afropulse Media team tasked creatives who live and breathe local football. The team understands the target audience fully because they are that audience. Afropulse Media prides itself with diversity and has creative teams that immerse themselves in popular culture and understand the South Africa’s diverse target audiences, especially the mass and middle mass markets. The team was supported by the the in house staff compliment of a client services team, production, data analysts, editors, copywriters, art directors and a sound engineer just to name a few.

Kgosi Motshidi, Creative Director, had this to share about the new SuperDiski campaign: “The body of work is a reflection of the passion that local football fans and players share. This passion spills over to the on-air talent of SuperSport who help propel the SuperDiski brand to a world-class level. We wanted to create a body of work that diski (soccer) lovers can relate to. The storyline has a reveal which makes for great entertainment at the end. We wanted to show off our SuperSport talent in a relatable way and not just in the studio. The TV spot captures the Woza Nazo spirit of the ABSA Premier Soccer League and captures the SA fan’s unique way of supporting their teams. The work is original, sophisticated, memorable and the messaging is clear.”

"We push our thinking, we put that thinking through rigorous tests and then test it with the target audience," said Tiro Monnagotla, Art Director, who also feels that as passionate creatives who are also consumers, they love creating work that they can buy into.

The collective team has many years of experience in the advertising plus the broadcast industry and know how to move the needle to achieve the desired results and business objectives. Every brief is a challenge to make an impression on the world. “We tell the challenges to bring it on!” said Copywriter, Simba Rupare.

When asked about the background of the campaign and how the SuperDiski idea came about, Executive Creative Director Stanley Denga said, “Ideation is a long process. We had sleepless nights making sure we create memorable work that is beautiful and works well…” He further added, “From conceptualisation, presenting and going into pre-production meetings to eventually selling the work, everyone collaborated to deliver the best brand story that SuperSport and Afropulse Media can be proud of.”

“There will be more work coming from us, Super Diski as a brand is on the trajectory, on the up-and-up and with our contribution to its brand story, we are confident that the brand will exceed all our expectations,” said Kgosi Motshidi.

Afropulse Media’s talent will continue to press forward to give clients a unique agency experience that puts the client’s and consumer’s needs first. Through efficiency and due diligence, the agency will strive for authentically African creative work with global appeal. It’s all about creating beautiful and impactful work that works. Afropulse Media is clearly enroute to compete and are an agency to be watched.

16 Jan 2020 13:02