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RebelRebel and Spaceback release Volume 1 of their report 'Social Display in South Africa'

The first in a series of biannual reports on the category, "Social Display in South Africa: Volume 1" features best practices, key insights and case studies of top performing Social Display campaigns.
RebelRebel and Spaceback release Volume 1 of their report 'Social Display in South Africa'
Serendipity, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for. It is also the word that best describes the meeting between Danny Greeff and Casey Saran at a programmatic advertising conference in New York City back in October 2017.

After literally bumping into one another after day one of the conference during happy hour, the pair exchanged contact details and first partnered on a campaign for Pepsi South Africa in the January of the following year. While Danny saw an opportunity to give media agencies more control over the creative they ran for their programmatic campaigns, Casey saw a completely untapped market and the beginning of their very first international partnership.

Fast forward to present day and the pair is proud to have built Spaceback into one of the most exciting digital marketing opportunities in South Africa today, and are proud to be able to present an in-depth look at how the product has been used by agencies and brands in this market.

“After spending some time working out how best to take the product to market, we felt that we’d made enough traction to be able to start sharing the successes that we’ve seen over the last year using Spaceback across many of South Africa’s best loved brands,” says Danny Greeff, MD at RebelRebel.

Drawing on data from as far back as September 2019, the report is a retrospective look at what RebelRebel has been able to do for clients through their Spaceback managed service offering. Being a completely end-to-end product, with everything from ad building, media buying, implementation and reporting handled by one central team, it was the perfect opportunity to dive into the data and see how the product performs in this market. Brand safety, fraud prevention and viewability monitoring was handled by IAS.

“Spaceback has been used to generate over 25,000 creatives in more than 30 countries...but it's no coincidence that South Africa is our second largest market outside of the US. That's why this partnership is so special to us, and we're thrilled to participate in this report to further accelerate the adoption of Social Display in South Africa,” notes Casey Saran, co-founder and CEO of Spaceback.

The report, which features case studies from six of South Africa’s best-loved brands, is available now. You can request your copy of the report here.

28 Oct 2020 07:02