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RapidFire's gaming network seeing enormous growth in South Africa

Many South Africans are turning to popular video games to entertain themselves during the 21-day lockdown.
RapidFire's gaming network seeing enormous growth in South AfricaRapidFire's gaming network seeing enormous growth in South Africa

Vancouver-based in-game advertising pioneers RapidFire have recorded a huge jump in the number of impressions being generated by the South African market across their network of AAA gaming titles for PS4, Xbox One, Steam and PC.

Speaking to RebelRebel, a representative from RapidFire reported that the number of unique players across their gaming network had increased by 30% since President Cyril Ramaphosa implemented the nationwide lockdown to help flatten the curve.

Popular titles like Pro Evolution Soccer 2020, Rocket League and Watch Dogs 2 saw the biggest increases in users, while sports titles like NBA 2K20 and WWE 2K20 shifted into the top five games played on the RapidFire network in South Africa.

“In terms of the global trends that we’re seeing throughout this period, I must admit that we did expect a fair amount of growth across the RapidFire network. However, anything in excess of 20% is, quite frankly, something to take note of” says Mike Carter, commercial partner at RebelRebel.

According to global data from Verizon, overall video game traffic has increased 75% since restrictions were imposed in America and Bungie, a video-game developer, says the average daily user engagement on their game Destiny 2 is up 10% worldwide and as much as 20% in the markets most affected by the coronavirus. Video game streaming site Twitch has also seen its average viewership more than double as e-sports viewership grows in the absence of traditional sport during this time.

With regards to RapidFire, South African marketers have long supported the medium as a way to reach well-heeled gamers who are fully-attentive and focused, but with the massive growth seen in the last week, it’s worth noting that the market is now attracting many new consumers who’ve only recently plugged in to entertain themselves.

“With so many new players joining the pool, and spending a lot more time across the network, the opportunity to create awareness of South African brands and their messaging during this time is huge,” says Shauna Carter, sales and operations partner at RebelRebel.

“Based on the assumption that this platform would rise in terms of activity, we’re seeing growing interest from brands who’ve cut back on some of their more traditional media buys in an effort to focus on areas that are seeing increased levels of attention. It seems like the age of virtual outdoor advertising has arrived,” concludes Carter.

RebelRebel is the exclusive reseller of RapidFire inventory for the South African market. To find out more about the product and the packages available, please contact latigid.leberleber@olleh

8 Apr 2020 08:37