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AdChat and RebelRebel join forces to bring conversational advertising to the South African market

RebelRebel, the rapidly growing new entrant into South Africa's digital media market, is happy to announce its partnership with Toronto-based conversational ad pioneers, AdChat.
AdChat and RebelRebel join forces to bring conversational advertising to the South African market
Fusing the interactivity of a chatbot with the vast reach afforded by programmatic display advertising, AdChat’s revolutionary conversational ad units allow consumers to communicate in real-time with brands, without having to leave their browsing environments.

“While bots have long been available within social media environments, we’re now able to take them out of the walled gardens and see how they perform in the wild. I’m really excited to see how the market uses this tech to create new experiences for their customers,” says Shauna Carter, sales and operations partner at RebelRebel.

Using AdChat conversational ad units, brands will be able to host live conversations between their chatbots and their customers across all display environments, within the ads themselves. The AI-powered messaging system accepts input via text and voice command (on mobile), and can help brands answer questions about the product/service they’re advertising, direct consumers to the appropriate page on their website, or capture data for more intricate lead generation campaigns or competitions.

Handling production, media buying and implementation, RebelRebel is working closely with the AdChat team in Toronto to ensure that each client testing the new medium is carefully guided on best practices gleaned from rigorous testing in both the US and Canadian markets.

We're excited to bring the learning and success we've seen with brands in North America to the South African market to help advertisers drive higher engagement from their campaigns. Building a high-quality user experience in the ad itself allows brands to use our conversational format for a wide range of purposes – from upper-funnel objectives like awareness to lower-funnel activities like product recommendations, to drive conversion. It all takes place in a simple, intuitive messaging format, familiar to consumers. – Michael Gramlow, co-founder of AdChat.

“With it being a brand-new product for most markets around the world, we’re investing a lot of time in guiding our clients around the key learnings that have come from this revolution in advertising technology. The case studies we’re seeing so far from abroad are showing that there is some serious value to be unlocked by giving the consumer an opportunity to interact as soon as they’re exposed to the ad,” concludes Mike Carter, commercial partner at RebelRebel.

For a look at one of these ad units in action, please click here.

AdChat ad units are available exclusively through RebelRebel for the South African market.

For further information on AdChat and RebelRebel, please contact latigid.leberleber@olleh

2 Apr 2020 08:22