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Answers to 5 important questions on VehicleFacts!

VehicleFacts has been established to enable dealerships to validate the original identity of the vehicle being traded.
Answers to 5 important questions on VehicleFacts!

What is a VehicleFacts Report?

Criminal syndicates are obtaining what appears to be legitimate paperwork or information on vehicles. A VehicleFacts Report validates the original identity of motor vehicles being traded, thus minimising the risk to a dealership of trading in cloned or rebirthed vehicles.

Why are vehicles fitted with Microdots?

In terms of the National Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996, all vehicles manufactured or imported since September 2012 must be fitted with at least 10,000 microdots. Vehicles requiring police clearance are also required to be microdotted since September 2012 as per the above legislation.

How effective are microdots in proving the original identity of a vehicle?

Before microdots were introduced into South Africa there were only two ways to identify a vehicle if its number plates were removed or changed.
  • The stamped Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • The Engine Number.
Criminals however found it easy to modify or clone these two numbers resulting in stolen vehicles finding their way back into the used car market. Two numbers are easy to modify but changing 10,000 microscopic identifiers is a near impossible task – that is - if all 10,000 of them can be found.

What is the significance of the Second-Hand Goods Act in relation to microdots?

The Second-Hand Goods Act requires the recording of microdot information on a Second-Hand Goods register by a dealer when trading in used vehicles to ensure that the vehicle being traded is the true vehicle and not a cloned and/or stolen vehicle. This is to protect the dealer from trading in cloned and stolen vehicles.

Do dealerships receive training when registering with VehicleFacts?

The dealership receives a comprehensive training session, identification kit and training video which includes:
  • Locating microdots on the vehicle
  • Removing microdots from the vehicle
  • Reading the microdot detail
Register your dealership today by calling Oliver on 082-872-7397.

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