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Technology sales are not getting any easier - until now

Black Swan Technology Holdings announces its latest platform for technology business globally: TechLeadBay.
Technology sales are not getting any easier - until now

Technology companies across the globe face two critical challenges in growing their revenue and business, namely: access to key decision-makers and sales cycles that take too long to close as a result.

According to research by Black Swan Technology Holdings’ subsidiary, Digital Kungfu, 89% of B2B technology businesses say that demand and lead generation are essential factors to their success. Despite this, they face challenges of poor lead quality, the volume of leads and poor ROI from these campaigns. Many highlighted that the picture might be different if they could just access the most influential decision-makers.

After years of research and development and months of refinement, Black Swan Technology Holdings has announced the launch of TechLeadBay, a platform designed to accelerate sales for technology businesses faster than ever before by providing technology companies access to billions of key decision-makers in seconds.

One of the most significant barriers to engaging in a successful sales campaign is getting in touch with the right person at a target company.

“Technology companies worldwide, whether vendors, distributors, channel partners or any business trying to sell more technology and grow their customer base, will benefit from TechLeadBay because it provides access to key decision-makers – in virtually any market. This comes at a fraction of the cost of traditional lead-generation campaigns,” explains Matt Brown, CEO of Black Swan Technology Holdings.

TechLeadBay draws on a database of over 2,5 billion profiles of potential customers, covering over 150 countries. “TechLeadBay is a subscription-based platform,” explains Brown. “This allows users to scale up and down at will as their sales cycles and financial year demands.”

Black Swan Technology Holdings’ subsidiary, Digital Kungfu, has been working with the most prominent names in technology from around the world including Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP and many others.

Many years of experience gained in this space led to the development of TechLeadBay as a solution to help all technology companies – large and small – to access their ideal customers through the right person and accelerate the sales cycle.

To illustrate the point, TechLeadBay was used to find two of the hardest-to-access CEOs in the technology industry: Elon Musk and Satya Nadella. Here’s a video that shows the kind of insight that a tool like TechLeadBay can provide.

How to get Elon Musk’s and Satya Nadella contact info with TechLeadBay

“The future is digital, and we want all technology companies to thrive in the new economy. With demand for technology products and solutions at an all-time high, there is no reason for companies to fail except if they have not been able to target the right customers and close more deals effectively,” concludes Brown.

15 Jun 2021 08:50