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Digital Kungfu delivers 50 sales qualified leads to accelerate Epson's deal closure rate

A localised campaign addressing uniquely South African business challenges delivers results for Epson.
Digital Kungfu delivers 50 sales qualified leads to accelerate Epson's deal closure rate

Like many international brands, Epson’s Inkjet marketing is typically developed and managed by a global team. From a South African perspective, this means that marketing tends to lack local insights and relevance, and tactical circumstances are not leveraged for better sales results.

A key example of this in action is the load shedding – a significant challenge for South African businesses, and one that Epson can alleviate given that its Inkjet Technology can run off uninterrupted power supply units. And yet globally-developed marketing campaigns and collateral do not address this uniquely local challenge.

“We needed to create a localised campaign that achieved three key business objectives,” says Rachellé Bräsler, Epson Europe BV. “First, we wanted South African business owners to know that we have a solution that addresses the business interruption issues they face when they are being load shedded.

“Second, there is a misconception that Inkjet technology is only suitable for home users, whereas laser printers are for business. Not only is this incorrect, but there are significant benefits for businesses that move to Inkjet printers, particularly from a productivity and efficiency perspective.

“Finally, we wanted to get the message across that the total cost of ownership of Inkjet printers is far lower than traditional laser printers.”

Enter Digital Kungfu, a production company that helps technology businesses market their software products and services, generate new business, and build their brands.

Customers respond to brands that understand their pain points

Step one of any successful marketing campaign is creating messaging that speaks directly to the key pain points and concerns of ideal customers.

“We determined that we wanted to focus on the legal fraternity for this campaign,” says Bräsler. “The legal industry as a whole requires more uptime and relies on high productivity and reliability regarding its printing needs. For example, if a lawyer cannot print their discovery documents before a high court application, the ramifications can be large – for the lawyer, their client and the entire firm. In other words, speed and reliability are a business necessity.”

This focus allowed for an extremely targeted approach and Digital Kungfu’s content creation team got to work, creating performance assets that spoke directly to lawyers and the business objectives of legal firms.

Creating engaging content cannot achieve results unless a campaign can reach the right audience, which is where Digital Kungfu’s digital marketing specialists work their magic. By tracking engagement in real-time, Epson’s media spend could be allocated to the messages that most resonated with the campaign’s target audience.

Achieving a 9 to 1 return on investment

“The goal of the campaign was to achieve 50 sales qualified leads,” says Matt Brown, Digital Kungfu’s CEO. “Our algorithms tell us that you typically need to generate 300 market qualified leads in order to deliver 50 sales qualified leads. Remember, a sales qualified lead is a customer who is in the market to buy and ready to engage. That’s our key differentiator – we don’t just hand over leads. We ensure that our clients can close deals and grow their revenue because we only hand over pre-qualified leads based on specific criteria.

“This campaign’s messaging was so successful that we achieved 50 sales qualified leads from just 115 market qualified leads.”

This laser focus on Epson’s ideal customer profile meant that a deal had already been closed before the campaign ended and that a 9 to 1 spend-to-sales-pipeline return on investment was achieved for the campaign as a whole.

Digital Kungfu - Epson Case Study from Digital Kungfu on Vimeo.

29 Oct 2020 13:09