The team who generated R236m in deal opportunities in under 12 months launches Africa's premium lead-gen skills accelerator for tech companies." />
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Digital Kungfu launches premium online lead gen skills accelerator for tech businesses

The team who generated R236m in deal opportunities in under 12 months launches Africa's premium lead-gen skills accelerator for tech companies.
Digital Kungfu launches premium online lead gen skills accelerator for tech businesses

Technology businesses are all facing the same challenges. According to Digital Kungfu’s research, 89% of B2B technology businesses say that demand/lead generation is important to their companies. The problem is that despite this, 47% say they don’t generate high-quality leads, 32% struggle to produce a high volume of leads and 31% don’t get sufficient ROI from lead generation campaigns.

“We developed Pipeline Generator to help technology companies remain relevant in terms of pipeline generation through skills upliftment, training and digital enablement,” explains Matt Brown, CEO of Digital Kungfu and the online coach of the Pipeline Generator skills accelerator.

Pipeline Generator is a proprietary digital learning course designed to empower any business with the means to design and deploy a market-making pipeline generation campaign in the B2B space.

Digital Kungfu delivered over R236m in sales qualified pipeline in less than 12 months. Off the back of this success, the company made the decision to open up its highly valued intellectual property (IP) and knowledge capital to B2B companies who need to generate high-quality leads for their business.

“We don’t deliver results by accident,” says Brown. “We’ve developed a proven proprietary toolbox that allows us to build real, sales-ready pipelines that our customers can use to close deals and increase their revenue. We’ve packaged our knowledge and processes into an online workshop that will give individuals, teams and technology enterprises the tools they need to improve and accelerate their sales results.”

Technology businesses can now become lead gen experts

According to Brown, Pipeline Generator is not just another online course. It’s a look inside the demand generation engine room that Digital Kungfu has created to deliver exceptional results for some of the world’s biggest tech brands.

“Our experience in this market has shown us that technology businesses are excellent at building and deploying solutions that empower B2B businesses to become more efficient, productive and make smarter, data-driven decisions. What they aren’t as good at is creating deal opportunities because that isn’t their area of expertise. Pipeline Generator changes that,” says Brown.

“It empowers technology businesses with a clear, practical and easy to follow ‘how-to’ guide that is proven to successfully take any product or solution to market digitally and generate sales qualified pipeline in days, not months.”

One lead gen skills accelerator to address all sales pipeline needs

The workshop is modularised, with four modules that cover Storytelling Pipeline Generation, Pipeline Generation and Conversion, Data Acquisition Platforms and Commercial Planning, and includes an extensive resource library of bonus material as well.

It’s a video-based workshop that is completely practical and, upon completion, teams will be able to define the most compelling story for their target market and create a unique pipeline generation; discover why their sales funnels are not converting and how to convert leads into quantifiable deal flow; select pipeline generation platforms that deliver ROI and learn over 50 critical data points that must be managed in any successful pipeline; and learn how to predict the future performance of pipeline using real market data.

“We’ve built this course to address every aspect of sales pipeline creation and management,” concludes Brown. “We believe that it’s more important than ever to drive economic growth. Technology companies that have the tools to reach their customers will not only grow their own revenue but, through their solutions, they’ll support the growth of their customers as well.”

The Pipeline Generator skills accelerator is giving away the first two videos for free and users can access the program here.

Matt Brown is the CEO of Digital Kungfu (Voted Best Tech Startup - Africa Tech Week Awards). He is the number one Amazon best-selling author of Your Inner Game and host of The Matt Brown Show, a business podcast with over one million downloads.

Digital Kungfu exists to transform the growth engines of technology businesses. We are a specialist lead generation firm that uses proven and proprietary solutions to combine compelling storytelling with the power of data intelligence to deliver strong pipelines and sales qualified leads. The result is fast and impactful revenue generation for our clients.

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23 Sep 2020 07:48