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Digital Kungfu delivers a 9 to 1 return on marketing investment for Axiz in under 4 weeks

Digital Kungfu delivers a three-month lead generation campaign for Axiz in under four weeks, radically accelerating the tech distributor's sales pipeline with sales-ready deal opportunities.
Digital Kungfu delivers a 9 to 1 return on marketing investment for Axiz in under 4 weeks

Axiz is a top value-added distributor of the world’s leading enterprise technologies. In South Africa, the Axiz team has a clear goal: they want businesses (particularly SMEs) to enjoy 99.9% uptime of their operational systems. They don’t want SMEs to ever have to worry about loadshedding again. And they particularly want to protect local businesses, their productivity levels and help them deliver what they promise to their own clients.

But there is a challenge. While all of these eventualities are possible when you migrate to the cloud, many South African businesses are not ready for that step.

Tapping into the buyer’s market

“We see a number of reasons why businesses are reluctant to begin their cloud journeys,” explains Traci Maynard, Microsoft Executive at Axiz. “These range from wanting to sweat their on-prem assets to not really understanding what the cloud is or how it works – and none of us trust something that we don’t understand, particularly when we have the security of our businesses and employees to think about.”

The problem is that from a pure productivity level, on-premise solutions are often expensive to maintain and experience frequent downtime. This is made worse with current loadshedding problems, because on-prem solutions require power to stay up and running.

Remote workers also struggle to connect to on-prem servers through VPNs, and without a fully virtual solution, often cannot connect to the software and platforms they need to do their jobs.

In order to support its partner network of providers, Axiz needed a way to educate the local market and guide them through the benefits of cloud, Microsoft Azure in particular, and how the cloud journey could begin in small, bite-sized steps.

Enter Digital Kungfu and the Lighting Strike, a unique approach to lead generation campaigns that helps technology companies secure sales-ready deal opportunities of businesses that are in the market to buy – today.

How the Lightning Strike delivers

Digital Kungfu’s process begins with a focused 60-minute story sprint that unpacks exactly who the campaign needs to reach, what challenges they are facing, and the messaging that will be most relevant to them.

“We needed to get the message across to the right people that moving operations into the cloud will positively infuse productivity, systems and processes,” says Maynard. “Loadshedding will also be with us for the next two years. As a business owner, if you’re looking for a contingency plan for loadshedding, the cloud should be it.”

Ultimately, however, the end customer needs service, skills and expertise to help them move to the cloud, and it was Digital Kungfu’s team that needed to get this message across: Why the cloud, why now and why work with Axiz.

Once Digital Kungfu’s production team understood the core messaging that needed to come across, branded assets were written and designed and place on LinkedIn and Facebook. Engagement was closely monitored and optimised, with budget allocated only to the collateral that performed best and reached the right target audience.

The messaging was so successful that reaching the Sales Qualified Lead target – leads that are in the market to buy the product on offer – was reached within four weeks.

The message and the method that drives success

“Our process is simple,” explains Matt Brown, Digital Kungfu’s CEO. “We use creative assets to drive engagement, which helps us to collect data – the names, email addresses and designations of people engaging with the content we have produced for clients. If we don’t get our messaging right, there’s no engagement. From there, we vet the leads we receive and only deliver deal opportunities to our clients. These are people who are ready to buy now.

“Our messaging was so on point with this campaign that we achieved a three-month campaign target in under four weeks.”

The results

The Axiz Azure campaign performed well above the initial target set. The campaign needed to achieve 20 Sales Qualified Leads over a period of three months. The creative assets created by Digital Kungfu’s production team generated 227 Market Qualified Leads, delivering 27 SQLs in under four weeks, a 9:1 return on investment ratio.

“Digital Kungfu’s team understands the tech space and the messaging that resonates with business owners – particularly in terms of overcoming any confusion or fears they have in making critical changes in their businesses. The speed that this campaign went to market and then achieved our objectives was incredible. We will definitely be working with Digital Kungfu on more campaigns,” says Maynard.

18 May 2020 14:43