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Your Inner Game: 12 Principles for High-Impact Entrepreneurs

98% of businesses fail in their first 10 years.
Of the 2% that survive, only a fraction of them achieve high-impact growth.
Your Inner Game: 12 Principles for High-Impact Entrepreneurs

What's their secret?

Over the course of four years Matt Brown has interviewed hundreds of local and international entrepreneurs and business experts for his podcast, The Matt Brown Show, and in the process has created a lexicon of business, growth, start-up and funding hacks that anyone can learn from and implement. He has also come to the conclusion that the single defining factor between entrepreneurs who make it and those who don’t is internal. It’s all about the inner game.

Entrepreneurs with a strong inner game live, breathe and work according to a set of principles that define everything they do. In Your Inner Game – 12 Principles for High-Impact Entrepreneurs, Matt draws on the lessons he’s learned, both as an entrepreneur who has launched nine businesses, and as a podcast host with hundreds of interviews under his belt.

He delves into what separates great businesses from their mediocre peers; the mindset that entrepreneurs should embrace if they want to grow their businesses; and, ultimately, the secret to building a business of purpose that fulfils a greater need for their founders. Full of real-life anecdotes, tips, success hacks and actionable insights that you can implement in your own startup or business, Your Inner Game unpacks twelve principles that you can put into practise today to take your life and business from good to great. Thoughtful, honest and willing to reveal both the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, Matt takes his readers on a journey that will give them the blueprint to relook at everything they thought they knew about business.

‘As these stories and case studies demonstrate, Matt has a nose for the unconventional. Where else could I be encouraged to attack a pile of analgesics with a baseball bat? Read on ...’ - Andy Rice, speaker, writer and strategist.

‘Matt (and his show) are youthful in energy but mature in thought, accessible but still insightful, informal but well-prepared. Learning new things should be entertaining and Matt succeeds on all of these counts.’ - Michael Jordaan, CEO of Montegray Capital.

‘In the clutter that is the Internet, The Matt Brown Show is a crisp, fresh and alternative perspective that gives relief from all the clichéd content out there.’ - Allon Raiz, Chief Excitement Officer of Raizcorp.

‘The Matt Brown Show is a crazy galaxy of ideas that smash up normal conventions of business and society.’ - Brian Altriche, Founder and CEO of RocoMamas.

‘The Matt Brown Show has eaten its own dog food by taking the unique stories of African entrepreneurs to the global stage. It has left an inspiring legacy for many young entrepreneurs to aspire to.’ - Keet van Zyl, Co-Founder and Partner of Knife Capital.

‘Matt’s approach is completely different to your average host; the result is that he can extract information that goes beyond the average I- have-heard-this-a-million-times-before answer. Mind blowing stuff.’ - Marnus Broodryk, Shark Tank Investor, Entrepreneur and Author of 90 Rules for Entrepreneurs.

‘Matt Brown is Africa’s answer to Tim Ferriss.’ - Richard Mulholland, Founder of Missing Link, Author of Legacide and Boredom Slayer.

‘I hadn’t ever listened to a podcast when Matt Brown called me to talk KasiNomics. Now I’m hooked on podcasts, especially Matt’s. His casual but inquisitive style, humour and engaging well-researched questions combine the hour flying by and ending too quick.’ – GG Alcock, Author of Third World Child, KasiNomics and KasiNomic Revolution.

‘Matt Brown asks questions that really matter to people. His approach is personal and passionate and his message is powerful.’ – Lauren Woolf, Founder of Mrs Woolf.

‘Matt Brown has a unique talent for getting really smart people to share a lot of their intellectual magic in a cool and fun way. Meaningful, impactful and relevant doses of thinking that never disappoints!’ - Brad Shorkend, Co-Author of We Are Still Human.

About the Author

Matt Brown launched his first business when he was 20 years old. Since then, he has gone on to build eight more companies, including Digital Kungfu (winner of the 2019 Best Tech Startup Award at Africa Tech Week), a purpose-built storytelling production business and lead generator that works with technology clients across four continents. The Matt Brown Show is a global media platform that has a loyal audience in over 100 countries, with over 1 million downloads (#1 in Management & Marketing on 13 different occasions) and is distributed on Amazon Prime USA and UK.

Named one of South Africa’s ‘Most Creative People in Business’ by Fast Company magazine in 2018, Matt is continuously looking for new and innovative ways to approach business and entrepreneur growth, both locally and internationally. Through his own experiences, research and the interviews he has conducted with hundreds of business leaders and game changers around the world, Matt has developed a set of principles that have guided his own growth and success and which he is sharing with the entrepreneurial community around the world.

To request an interview with Matt Brown, and/or a review copy of Your Inner Game, or an excerpt from the book please contact Tracey McDonald on 083 659 7489 or az.oc.skoobevoli@yecart.

Book details

Title: Your Inner Game
Sub-title: 12 Principles for High-Impact Entrepreneurs
Author: Matt Brown
Release: July 2019
Print recommended retail price: R250 (VAT Incl)
Print ISBN: 978-0-6399558-0-3
Extent: 212 pages
Format: Trade-Paperback (235 x 152mm)
Genre: Non-Fiction
Category: Business
Publisher: Tracey McDonald Publishers

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About Matt Brown

Matt is the CEO of Digital Kungfu - a purpose built lead generation company for technology businesses.