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The Matt Brown Show in partnership with London Tech Week creates State of X Season One on Prime

South Africa's The Matt Brown Show, London Tech Week and Amazon Prime to showcase the insights and expertise of top technology experts attending the 2019 London Tech Week.
The Matt Brown Show in partnership with London Tech Week creates State of X Season One on Prime

As the winner of the Best Technology Start-Up Award 2019 at the inaugural Africa Tech Week Awards, Digital Kungfu, the world’s fastest tech story production company and purpose-built lead generation company for tech businesses, is heading to London Tech Week to answer the question:

Can Africa’s Best Tech Startup and like-minded startups compete with the rest of the world?

“We say yes,” says Matt Brown, Chief Excitement Officer (CEO) of Digital Kungfu. “Technology is the same all over the world; it doesn’t matter where you are. If anything, we believe that Africa’s unique challenges drive unique innovation and disruption.”

To test their hypothesis, the Digital Kungfu team is heading to London Tech Week in June to interview some of the world’s leaders in tech. “We want to explore similarities and differences, to see what we can learn from each other when we share our knowledge and experiences,” says Brown. “We also want to take a deep dive into what opportunities are available for tech startups anywhere in the world, particularly when we collaborate.”

The world’s top technology experts share their insights

In keeping with Digital Kungfu’s performance marketing and media focus, it’s not just Africa’s Best Tech Startup that’s travelling to London Tech Week, but The Matt Brown Show as well.

“Through the Matt Brown Show we explore the unique experiences and stories of entrepreneurs and other industry experts,” says Brown, host and founder of the show, which recently secured a distribution deal with Amazon Prime.”

“The show’s format gives audiences a new perspective on their own lives through a branded entertainment experience that focuses on the sharing of very human stories for an exponential time,” he adds. “We are bringing the show to London Tech Week so that we can interview some of the world’s top technology leaders and share these insights across the globe.”

The show, State of X Season One, will be brought to international viewers by The Matt Brown Show, powered by London Tech Week and distributed by Amazon Prime.

Sharing tech insights across the globe

“The why of the Matt Brown Show has always been to help as many entrepreneurs and business leaders as possible through the sharing of information, insights and experiences at scale,” says Brown. “The opportunity to extend this through such a prestigious event like London Tech Week, which gathers some of the most formidable minds in this space under one roof for a week is incredible.”

London Tech Week will run from 10 to 14 June 2019, uniting tech and talent in a world-class hub of innovation. “We’re excited to partner with the Matt Brown Show, not just because the goal of London Tech Week is to bring tech businesses and ideas from around the world together for one week, but because the ability to share the insights and experiences of some of the tech world’s most influential people will reveal how access to tech for all can have a profoundly positive impact in society and business,” reports, the London Tech Week.

State of X Season One’s lineup includes:

Molly Stevens: Uber Tech Researcher
Alejandro Navarro: Product and Analyst
Cain Hughes: Venture Capitalist
Dean Demellweek: Blockchain Analyst
Berian James: Head of Data Science
Will Parsons: IT Specialist
Bruce Daisley: VP Twitter
Annika Schroder: Exec Director, UBS Tech AI Expert
Clare Barclay: COO Microsoft UK
Cindy Rose: CEO, Microsoft USA
Emily Savage: Creative Sector Lead , Digital Catapult
Muki Kalhan: Content Steering Expert, Podcaster, Muki International
Martin Libska: Cloud XR Lead at DT and Co-chair of GSMA Cloud XR Forum
Tim Davies: Head of BBC Studios Worldwide

4 Jun 2019 14:55