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How to take advantage of global online sales during lockdown with Aramex Global Shopper

Aramex South Africa manager of e-commerce services Mark Mahoney explains how the company is offering access to massive global online sales and providing special offers to customers using the service during lockdown level four.
Mark Mahoney
Mark Mahoney
How has the shift in restrictions from level five to level four lockdown impacted business?

Aramex is an essential services provider and has operated right from the start of level five lockdown. The restrictions around level five, however, meant that we were only authorised to deliver essential items as per legislation at that time, which were very restrictive and did not cater to the vast majority of commodity types that our customers usually purchase online.

New ‘essential items’ are being added to the list during level four lockdown, including winter clothing, children’s clothing, books, office supplies and stationery. There is a lot of pressure being brought to bear on government by consumers and the industry who feel that now, more than ever, is the time to embrace online shopping as a way to further encourage social distancing. We are hoping more commodities become ‘essential’ over the coming weeks.

Why is now a good time to be looking at online sales on a global scale?

Almost all the online stores overseas are having massive sales, especially on winter clothing as they move into summer in the Northern Hemisphere, so it’s a great time to take advantage of these sales as South Africa moves into winter.

How does Aramex Global shopper differ from using regular postal or courier services for online orders from overseas?

Aramex Global Shopper enables you to buy from online stores that don’t offer shipping to SA or only offer slow postal or prohibitively expensive shipping options. You can also save money when you pay for the shipping to SA using the service because the shipping charges are calculated in ZAR as opposed to when you chose shipping directly from the online retailer’s website, which is charged in foreign currency such as GBP/USD or EUR. Aramex Global Shopper shipping charges are the lowest in the industry and you only pay shipping based upon the actual weight of your order.

What can I buy through Aramex Global Shopper during lockdown level four?

You can still buy most items online from overseas retailers, but some the items you can buy and that Aramex Global Shopper can deliver to your door in SA during level four of lockdown are as follows:
  1. Toiletries linked to personal health/hygiene
  2. Haircare, beauty products, manicure and pedicure tools, dental care products, body and facial items/treatments. These are considered ‘cosmetic toiletries’
  3. Personal protective equipment (PPE), and all first aid/medical supplies remain available for purchase
  4. All components and parts linked to hardware, vehicle repair and academic stationery are now on sale
  5. Computers, mobile and cellular phones, plus any supplies linked to home office/IT business make the list. For example:
  6. Winter clothing, footwear, children’s clothes, bedding, heaters, and blankets have been added to the list of essentials. For example:

How and where are orders delivered to customers?

How to take advantage of global online sales during lockdown with Aramex Global Shopper
Aramex Global Shopper provides 30 local delivery addresses worldwide, which can be used as your delivery address when checking out on overseas online stores. So, all you do is use the local delivery address overseas to have your order delivered to when checking out on the online retailers' website. Then choose whatever local delivery method the retailer offers you, which is often a postal service such as Royal Mail and USPS and is fast, reliable and usually very low cost or even free. Once your order arrives at our local address, we process it and fly it to SA, clear customs and deliver to your door, anywhere in SA. All shipping and customs charges can be paid on the website or mobile app.

Why would it be beneficial to sign up for this service during the lockdown?

For the duration of the lockdown period, we have a special discount on offer: The sign-up fee to the Aramex Global Shopper service is only R10, (saving you R140) and you’ll receive a lifetime membership. Go to to take advantage of this offer.

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11 May 2020 11:05