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Unlocking Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals around the world

Online shopping has become a global phenomenon. In the fourth annual cross boarder e-commerce report, Paypal and Ipsos indicate that over 60% of current online shoppers in South Africa are shopping internationally, a whopping 23% higher than 2017. Companies such as Aramex Global Shopper make it as simple as opening Google and searching for what you need, no matter the origin. The most common comparison criteria for consumers is generally (1) Price and (2) Speed of delivery. Now without the limitation of national boarders, consumers have access to global online stores offering deals that just can't be beaten!
Deep discounted Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are already happening and will continue until 26 November worldwide. The good news is that you can still take advantage of these deals, even if you are based in South Africa.

Shipping anywhere in the World

While the bigger retailers like Amazon allow you to ship commodities directly to South Africa, many of the products sold under the brand of Amazon can only be delivered to customers living in the US or UK. The same happens with many eBay sellers that will only ship within the US, or multiple niche online stores around the world that don’t offer international shipping. As South Africans, we will see this time and time again when shopping internationally.

This is where companies like Aramex with their Aramex Global Shopper service comes in handy. The product is simple: Sign up and receive 23 international addresses to use as your forwarding address on the international retailer’s website, and then wait for your parcel to be delivered to you in South Africa. For example, if you were shopping on an online store that is based in the USA, and you get to checkout where delivery option to South Africa is not possible, you can use your Aramex USA address at checkout. The retailer will be none-the-wiser and deliver your parcel to Aramex in United States. When your parcel arrives at Aramex, they will recognise who you are and that your parcel needs to be delivered to you in South Africa. The same process happens if you’re shopping in Italy, Spain, China, etc.

Want to know more?

The 23 addresses that you find on the website or Aramex Global Shopper Mobile App is an Aramex warehouse that receive parcels from all over the world. The retailer from which you made your purchase will send your parcel to Aramex using a delivery method of their choice (local post, courier, etc.). You will receive tracking notifications from that retailer when your parcel has dispatched their store to when it is delivered at the Aramex Hub. It is at this point that Aramex gets involved and notifies you that they have received your parcel. At every major step in the journey of your parcel, Aramex will send you email notifications so that you know exactly when your shipment is leaving the international Aramex hub and landing in the local Johannesburg hub. You can also check your shipment details on the website or mobile App. Once your shipment is in the Johannesburg hub, Aramex will notify you of shipping and customs duties charges online for your convenience. All shipments are sent from the Aramex hub via air courier express delivery, which can take between 6 and 10 days to your door anywhere in SA.

Working out the costs

Aramex has built a handy Rate Calculator on their website to help you with your shipping charge calculations. Their shipping rates are calculated by the actual weight of your parcel, which makes them the most cost-effective product of its kind in terms of shipping prices in South Africa.

The whole cost of the transaction is determined as follows:
  1. Cost of the item purchased on the retailer’s website (Aramex not involved)
  2. You might need to pay for shipping from the retailer to the Aramex hub (Aramex not involved)
  3. Aramex shipping charges to South Africa
  4. Customs import Duties and VAT if applicable (More on import duties) (Payable online through Aramex, these charges are determined by SARS)
Worried about loss or damage? Aramex also offer an extremely cost effective ‘AGS Protect Service’ which will cover your shipments against any loss or damage that could occur from arrival at the Aramex Hub to delivery.

Customs Clearance: SARS

Please also note that SARS has stated that citizens who bring in more than three import consignments per financial year will need to apply for an importer’s code.
  • Your National ID Number can be used for your first 3 shipments in a single calendar year
  • SARS requires you to produce an importers code for customs clearance if you import goods into South Africa more than 3 times in a single calendar year
  • The registration process for obtaining an Importers Code is quick and easy ─ click here to learn more on page 3 of our FAQs.
Want to know more?

Visit for more info and some cool explanatory videos.

16 Nov 2018 14:20