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Be inspired at 1 000º Celsius

What happens if you combine the visionary and artistic skills of marketing and radio man extraordinaire Mervyn Gers? The answer is fireworks at very high temperatures. 1 000º Celsius, his newly launched range of pots, sculptures and crockery, are wowing art lovers around the country as well as abroad.
Be inspired at 1 000º CelsiusMervyn has been interested in sculpture and ceramics from a young age and finally started experimenting with clay at the age of 29, taking classes with Tom van Hove and then Guy Walters. Later he also studied under University of Cape Town lecturer, Delise Reich, and it was during this time that he made a destiny-changing decision - ceramics would become his full-time career. Having set up a studio at his home in Oranjezicht, his passion for ceramics has led him to experiment with shape and form, texture and graphics. He draws inspiration from the human form as well as nature, as can be seen in his work.

"Working with clay has opened up a whole new world for me - the possibilities are endless - and I love to give my imagination free reign. Every hour spent in my studio teaches me something - about clay, about life and of course, patience. I love this process," says Mervyn.

"I forget about time and the stresses of the outside world. I can just concentrate on the here and now - on what I'm busy with. It's almost like meditation - it gives me an immense sense of freedom of being. I probably spend more time in my studio than most people spend in their offices - but it's on my own terms."

Mervyn is set to make his mark on the local as well as international art scene, so don't miss the opportunity to be the first to view his exclusive 1 000º Celsius collection at the 2006 Cape Homemakers Expo, which takes place from 24 to 27 August 2006 at the CTICC. Established as Cape Town's most successful home lifestyle exhibition, the show covers more than 11 200m² and offers everything your heart desires from the very best aspirational and desirable home enhancement products to essential home improvements. Tickets are R40 per person. For more information phone (021) 465 2200 or log on to

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