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Grid Worldwide takes Action

Politics is too important to be left to politicians.
Grid Worldwide takes Action

Grid has always been willing to take a position on issues related to the state of our country. Be it through our founder Nathan Reddy’s participation with the ANC campaign in 1994; Vote SA, a Grid-funded initiative to encourage voter turnout in the previous election or our stance on corruption. We believe our position as The Make it Mean Something Company, compels us to act.

When The People’s Dialogue approached Grid to partner in rebranding the movement to Action SA, we remained as skeptical as all South African’s when it comes to our involvement in politics. We quickly came to appreciate Mr Mashaba’s values and aspirations for South Africa, mostly because they mirrored so many of our own.

Prosperity for all, ethical leadership, a respect for the rule of law, social justice, the value of education, the promotion of the free market and an end to all forms of racism. These are values and ideas, irrespective of politics, that we hold equally dear.

Grid Worldwide takes Action

What confirmed our shared values, was Herman relating to us his reluctance to get into politics.

“At my age and after all my business obligations, I can tell you politics is the last thing I want to get into at this stage of my life. But I cannot sit back and watch this happen to our country. None of us can.”

As a business, we cannot help but share that view. This project, for Grid, has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with how we view the role of all citizens and businesses alike. The time for talk is over, it is now time for action.

Brands, although confused for logo design, colour palettes, campaigns and advertising work are actually, at their core, ideas that connect businesses, organisations and people. At Grid, we are singular about our role as the Make it Mean Something Company. So when Mr Mashaba’s team approached us to develop the brand we immediately cut to its core, a sentiment that we felt relevant not only for the political party, but for the people of South Africa.

‘Act as one' is more than just a campaign slogan. It’s a philosophy we feel is critical to the success of our country.

1 Sep 2020 10:01