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Sportscene launches Canal Walk superstore

Sportscene launches Canal Walk superstore
Sportscene launches Canal Walk superstore

Photo credit: @gidion_felix

South Africa’s leading streetwear retailer Sportscene opened its newly renovated Canal Walk store in Cape Town. The store which has been undergoing major changes over the past few months was opened on Saturday, 24 July 2021 in typical Sportscene style.

The store opening entertained curious customers over the course of the weekend with performances from some of Cape Town’s favourite artists such as Dee Koala, Kash CPT and E-Jay CPT, all which were broadcasted live on Sportscene Radio.

The revamped store has not only increased its floor space but, more importantly, is set to become a creative cultural hub in the city. Taking on a similar design to their superstore in the Sandton City mall, the Canal Walk store now features a sneaker laundry by Walk Fresh, tattoo and piercings parlour by Black & White Tattoos, Momo Bubble Tea from Taiwan and a wider range of sneakers and apparel brands. Keeping in line with their passion to create opportunities for young artists, the upgraded store now includes its very own Sportscene Studio for musicians to book a free session online and go record their music. This feature proved to be a hit in Johannesburg with both established and upcoming artists frequenting the facility to create their work.

Studio bookings are now open:

When asked about the store, Sportscene’s senior marketing coordinator Bianca Kensley said: “It’s part of the Sportscene vision to be enablers in a country with so much talent. The Sportscene Studio is a creator hub which gives artists, DJs and the creatives of Cape Town an opportunity and platform to create music and playlist them on Sportscene Radio across 300 stores, the blog and our mobi app. Our experiential store encompasses music, art and sneaker culture.”

Despite the difficulties all businesses have been facing over the past year in South Africa, Sportscene still aims to grow the positive impact it has both in the creative industry and in youth culture, by constantly finding ways to add value in the spaces which they operate in. As ‘the kings of sneakerwear’ continue to innovate on customers' shopping experience, supporters of the brand are keen to see what the retailer comes up with next.

To get in contact with Sportscene:

Instagram: @Sportscene_SA
Twitter: @Sportscenesa
Facebook: @sportscene.southafrica

29 Jul 2021 07:43