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The Smile Secret Sound for 2019 has been cracked

Since its inception in 2016, The Smile Secret Sound has solidified itself as a firm listener favourite on the Smile 90.4FM airwaves. 2019 saw the start of another fantastic season of the Smile 90.4FM Secret Sound with winners receiving up to R100,000 by guessing the secret sound every weekday morning at 07h20 and 08h20 on Smile Breakfast with Bobby & Lindy.
The Smile Secret Sound for 2019 has been cracked

Throughout the year, six lucky listeners, Taryn Gavin, Marna Schoeman, Chantal Wagner, Juanita Crafford, Carli Venter, and Jill Mills, have overcome the challenge of guessing the sound and battling it out to get through to submit their guesses first.

After three months of listeners trying to crack the sound, Milnerton resident, Jill Mills, correctly identified the Smile Secret Sound as "Adjusting the length of a pair of aluminium crutches”. “I can’t believe it – It feels like a dream! We saw the clue on the Smile 90.4FM website and due to all my husband’s operations he has experienced over the last few months, we knew what the sound was!” said Mills.

Whilst the R50k will go a long way in covering all their medical expenses, Mills won’t be keeping the cash all to herself – instead, she will be helping those who can’t afford to make their own Christmas special.

“The Smile Secret Sound continues to amaze and thrill our listeners. The ongoing passion to crack it first is probably the biggest challenge in Cape Town. The 2019 Smile Secret Sound saw the ref raise the bar and challenge our listeners even more... We can’t wait to see what the ref has in store for us in 2020,” said Smile 90.4FM Programme Manager, Naveen Singh.

11 Dec 2019 15:08