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Raising awareness one sock at a time

We tend to think of doctors as the professionals we turn to when we are suffering, but we often forget that they are still people who also need help from time to time. The same applies to medical students, who study under immense strain as doctors-to-be.
The mental strain on medical professionals working in South Africa can be immense, and it is well-documented that levels of depression and mental fatigue are particularly high among professionals who dedicate their lives to the treatment of others.

In fact, a Cape Town study found that 30% of public primary healthcare doctors are living with moderate-to-severe depression. At the same time, it is estimated that around a third of South African medical students have suicidal thoughts , and that over 6% of medical students attempt suicide.

Committed to address these worrying statistics, the Ithemba Foundation - Ithemba means hope - and the sock manufacturer Falke and pharmaceutical group Cipla have partnered to launch the #CrazySocks4Docs campaign in South Africa. Having first been started in Australia in 2017, this initiative aims to raise awareness and give moral support to medical professionals battling with mental health issues, by reminding them that they are not alone.

As part of the #CrazySocks4Docs campaign in South Africa, Falke, the Ithemba Foundation, and Cipla will be donating 12,000 pairs of high-quality, highly visible socks to medical professionals and medical students around the country. On 7 June, everyone is encouraged to join the movement by wearing their colourful, silly socks and posting a photo to social media with #CrazySocks4Docs and #ithembafoundation in a show of solidarity to all of the medical professionals and students who are living with depression and having suicidal thoughts.

Keaton Quarmby, Falke SA group marketing executive, says that Falke is proud to support this initiative and helping to raise awareness of the high expectations on doctors and health care professionals in South Africa and the impact it has on their well-being. "We would like to start a conversation and raise awareness and open dialogue around doctors with mental health issues, and encourage them to seek help if they need it."

She adds that Falke is committed to paying tribute to these professionals who have lost their lives as a result of enormous pressure and stress. "We encourage the whole of South Africa to support #CrazySocks4Docs happening on the 7th of June by wearing bright or mismatched socks and posting about it on social media with the hash tag #CrazySocks4Docs and #ithembafoundation."

"The #CrazySocks4Docs campaign is about shining a light on the highly stressful nature of the medical profession and reminding doctors that they must also ask for help when they need medical attention - whether it is physical or mental. We want to help reshape the culture in the medical industry and show doctors that their colleagues are there to support them when they need it. At the same time, we also want to encourage the rest of the world to help take care of those who care for them," says Paul Miller, CEO of Cipla Medpro.

"Widespread change is needed to tackle the problem of depression and suicide, that is so prevalent among medical students and practising healthcare professionals. Part of making a difference is to encourage conversations about mental health and help reduce the stigma for doctors and medical students experiencing mental illness. Wearing mismatched socks may seem like a strange place to start affecting this change, but visibly showing our support for our carers is an important first step. We chose to partner with Falke and Cipla because they share these important values of starting conversations about Caring for our Carers," says Professor Lizette Rabe, founder of Ithemba Foundation.

The Ithemba Foundation is a non-profit entity aimed at raising awareness of depression as a biological illness, and fundraising to support further research into this condition.

No matter who you are, anyone can get involved on Friday, 7 June, by posting a photo of yourself wearing mismatched, brightly coloured, or just plain crazy socks, on social media with the hashtag, #CrazySocks4Docs and #ithembafoundation. Medical students can even win R1,000 per medical campus with their "sock-selfies" - just post your "sock-selfie" and encourage your family and friends to like yours. On each of the participating campuses the "sock-selfie" with the most likes will win its owner R1,000.

If you or someone that you know are suffering from a mental health condition, or have suicidal thoughts and are in need of help, you can call the CIPLA 24-hour mental health helpline on 0800 456 789 or WhatsApp 076 882 2775 for free counselling from a counsellor at SADAG.

25 Jul 2019 17:12