Simply Asia Clash of the Thai-Tans

When briefed to draw customers attention to new dishes on the Simply Asia menu we decided to have a bit of fun. It was time to bring the unique personalities of the authentic Thai chefs to life so the "Clash of the Thai-Tans Chef Battle" concept was born.
Simply Asia Clash of the Thai-Tans

We decided to select four of the top Simply Asia chefs and pit them against each other in a fierce chef battle. We gave a "fighter name" and built a character bio for each chef and their new dish and asked customers to vote for their favorite in store and on our Facebook App. At the end of a highly successful campaign champion customers won Simply Asia for a year and chef Wokky Balboa claimed victory with his Seafood Thai Rice dish.

Simply Asia Clash of the Thai-Tans

31 Jan 2013 15:41