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Snatch App downloads skyrocketing, beating Zoom and Whatsapp reviews

Snatch App has climbed to the top of the review charts for app stores such as Google Play, with over 500,000 downloads globally for Android devices.
Snatch App downloads skyrocketing, beating Zoom and Whatsapp reviews

Henri Benezra and Avi Benezra are the creators behind the artificial intelligence chatbots and the app that have helped businesses maintain their successes during the current global pandemic crisis. They also aimed for SnatchApp to be the most ‘secure and private’ app at a time when cybersecurity is a key challenge in the world.

The struggle for businesses

Many businesses have struggled with being able to maintain their annual revenue due to the fact that the pandemic has caused the majority of companies to close and quickly transition to an online platform in such a short period of time.

This has caused businesses to think out of the box with a certain budget that will not force them to go into bankruptcy. The pressure has been high since the beginning of this year as many companies struggle to keep up with the high demands from customers.

Snatchbot and Snatch App have been seen as a viable solution so far for companies because these technologically advanced bots are able to give the help needed such as managing tasks and even consulting with clients.

Avi Benezra has stated: “This is a revolutionised technology that will continue to stick as a long-term trend. It will be a positive change for many businesses and can even help them financially.”

Why can Snatch App benefit business customers and clients?

Snatch App is free to download, making it even more appealing for businesses because of the features it has that can be profitable for companies. It is available in over 53 languages and has been updated recently, which means that users can enjoy the fastest version that’s ever existed.

Both clients and businesses are able to install it on their smart devices and PCs and can phone or video call with each other for free; even if they’re both situated in different countries. Snatch App has proven to be popular compared to other apps, because the user’s cellular plan is not affected and the minutes that are used is through the usage of internet connectivity instead.

Snatch App also beats other apps because of its high security measures. All calls and messages are protected with end-to-end encryption and businesses are still complying with GDPR procedures through this app.

Companies in nearly every field can take advantage of features such as real-time location, which allows them to integrate maps into the conversations and that can make it easier for customers who want to find an easy route to a store or office location.

Even though it has been proven to be useful with its smart technology for businesses, it has also shown to be popular amongst families and friends who are staying connected with each other during the second lockdown in most countries.

Snatch App downloads skyrocketing, beating Zoom and Whatsapp reviews

The cool features that Snatch App has

Many users who are active on this app are able to benefit from cool features such as the Voice Changer, which allows people to change the pitch of their voice and can get creative on this app. People can also use the feature File Share, in case they want to send something to each other safely and securely, as well as retrieve important contacts through other accounts such as Yahoo, Google and Outlook.

Other features that users have been impressed by is the Timer and Hiding Messages, which allows people to hide important messages that they want to stay private and even have messages ‘self destruct’ after the timer goes off. This goes to show that privacy is highly valued on this app and users can feel safe in any means.

Avi Benezra has stated: “Our app is useful on a personal and professional level and we have received positive feedback for our features.”

The mark of success

Over 2,000 people have reviewed the app on Google Play, with the official rating being 4.2 out of five. This has been a highly successful result for Snatch App because it is still considered to be a new addition to the digital communications market and it has received more positive criticism in comparison to Zoom and WhatsApp.

Zoom has officially been rated 3.6 on Google Play with over one million reviews and WhatsApp has been rated 4.3 but with one million reviews and the majority of them being negative feedback.

Henri and Avi Benezra have over 20 years of experience in the digital technology field, especially for AI technology, which is why they have been able to create a product line that has resulted in a major success.

Even though they have seen a high spike of success during the current pandemic situation, it will still continue to peak because many users globally will still connect with each other through online communications. There is still an uncertainty as to when businesses will be operating normally again, meaning that they are forced to adjust to the new situation, which can possibly change how companies will operate in the future.

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7 Dec 2020 13:44