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What is an access control system?

Securing businesses is of paramount importance. A huge part of this is controlling business space access. Cybersecurity is simply vital these days for all businesses. It is vital to control who enters the business since this is the very first defense line against thieves, intruders and even some employee misconduct.
Access control systems explained

A high-quality access control system is responsible for controlling business space entry. At the same time, it establishes access levels for specific devices and office areas. This is a system that authenticates user identity. Then, it cross references a specific database in order to attain current access authorization level. Data is stored and business owners can easily monitor visitor and employee movement inside an office. When a security breach happens, there is proof and the identity of the person responsible can often be discovered.

There are countless different access control systems used by businesses these days. Some are really basic, like a receptionist monitoring a unique sign-in sheet. Such a security practice is not at all solid, especially when compared with the really advanced systems possible right now.

As an example, there is the possibility to identify people that want to gain office access through facial recognition or through fingerprint analysis. A business can easily use systems that completely restrict access so that only those that have an appropriate permission level can get into specific areas.

Various authentication types can be utilized, like:
  • Key access card – A card is scanned or swiped in order to allow entry.
  • Passwords – Users are approved based on keypads.
  • Biometrics – Fingerprints or facial recognition identifies who wants access.
  • Mobile apps – Users that are approved can download an app. Then, a barcode is generated and used to gain access to an area in a similar way the key card is utilized.

    Access control systems - benefits

    Access control systems offer numerous benefits. For every single one of them, system administrators will immediately be able to turn on or off employee access credentials. In addition, companies get access to a lot of speed. It is so much faster to allow access to an area or restrict access than it used to be in the past.

    Systems can even be used to adjust various office resources, like air conditioning and lightning. Heat access inside the office can be modified and much more can be done. Technology is advancing at really fast rates these days so we could easily control every single part of the authentication process.

    Final thoughts

    To sum up, the access control system is a system that is used by businesses to completely control employee and visitor access to specific areas owned by the company. It is really important to work with companies that are specialized in technologies that create strong access systems. This protects the business and even customers.

    In the future, we can only imagine how technology will impact business access control. Even so, what is very important to understand is that such a system is absolutely needed for any company that has the need to control area access.

16 Jan 2020 16:56


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