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5 Branding mistakes most companies make

Connecting to an audience is vital for business success. The problem is that most companies do not connect and eventually end up faced with huge problems. In some cases, this might be due to some branding mistakes that are made.
Every single company needs to develop a strong brand. This should be done with a very clear strategy in mind and clear intention. With this in mind, here are some mistakes that many companies make and that have to stop. Remember that even small businesses need branding done right.

Not fully understanding how powerful a brand is

Unfortunately, most business owners do not actually understand the brand’s proven benefits. If you ignore the brand, it is a certainty you will miss out on rather huge possible financial gains, a needed competitive edge and recognition, among many others.

Let’s say you own an ecommerce website specialized in selling glasses, like What makes people buy from you instead of the competition? The obvious answers are things like price and quality but it is also the brand that influences the buying decision.

Lack of brand guidelines

After you create the brand, you need proper guidelines and a team that oversees that they are enforced. Proper brand usage needs to be communicated inside the organisation.

The big problem with many companies is that their brand guidelines are only known by top-level management members. When this happens, nothing works out well in the long run. Branding agencies always first work on enforcing brand use and guidelines, as should you in your business.

Building a really complicated brand

Always avoid fads and design trends as you create your brand. If you just chase the most common, trendy design options, the brand eventually ends up being outdated. You need to build a clear brand identity that will withstand the test of time. Basically, you need something that clearly communicate brand values, messages and that is simple.

Just think about brands like IBM and Nike. They all have really timeless logos that were not really changed for tens of years. All of these are simple.

An inconsistent brand identity

Whenever you have websites and marketing materials that do not actually align with each other or are just out of date, customers end up being confused. Many old businesses run into this exact issue. They have business cards and promotional materials that have one branding identity and their new site and social media channels showcase something else.

The problem with having inconsistent brand identity is that clients end up doubting the company’s honesty and integrity. Basically, customers lose interest and there is a good chance that they go buy something from the competition.

Not hiring specialists when they are needed

Last but not least, when businesses want to start a mass rebranding campaign or have problems with their brands, they tend to do everything alone. If you do not have the knowledge to get this done properly, you need to work with a specialist. Many mistakes besides those mentioned above can appear. With this in mind, always work with the very best branding specialist you can afford.

9 Dec 2019 13:18


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