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Scheduling meetings across time zones meets dedication - The story of a room booking software's trip to the USA

In an era of co-working and globalisation, finding the right tools to navigate the workplace is vital for the success of a project or a business. Anything that is not properly managed can lead to waste and loss - of time, of resources (financial or human), of revenue and profits. And that, of course, is not desirable.
In the case of room management, the room booking software of your choice must be able to do a couple of basic things to ensure fluidity of the work process – never allow double-booking (that is, the ability for multiple users to book the same space during the same time slot), and enable booking across different time zones. Imagine you had a global team – which, in this day and age, is actually pretty common – and each of the members was in a different time zone. Manually computing what hour of the day you should choose to make sure everyone can attend your meeting doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? Having a booking software that does all the heavy lifting for you is the way to go here. 

That’s exactly what the team at YArooms thought as well. 

YArooms is a room booking and management software that does both these things (among a lot more other) very well – it has its own booking engine, which translates into a powerful conflict resolution system that does not allow overlapping bookings to be created, and it facilitates the process of booking across different time zones. 

Not long ago, at the beginning of September, YArooms’ tech innovation spearhead and founder, CEO Dragos Badea, decided to set up a meeting in his YArooms account and hopped on a plane to attend it almost 5,000 miles away. As a result, he embarked on the Ellis Accelerator – a program taking place in the United States, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

The Ellis Accelerator is a program created to guide and support startups that look to expand their business to the US. Hosted in the Big Apple, it grants participants access to a community of mentors, entrepreneurs, and investors, as well as workshops, office space, and housing. 

When asked about how the big city was treating him, Dragos responded: “New York has the best food, most surprising urban park, best innovating startups, biggest enterprises, and some of the smartest people in the world. It’s fascinating, fast paced, empowering and overwhelming!” 

But the objectives of this trip go beyond exploring the surrounding environment, either physical or business-related. It’s about learning how to improve and make modifications to the existing product – the aforementioned YArooms – so that it meets the varied needs of the customer. “I’m working with mentors that have years of experience in the industries we touch, to tailor our service for the US market, where most of our customers are. I am also visiting customer offices to see how they use our solution.” 

When it comes to business mentality and behaviour, YArooms’ CEO said that he learned about some key differences between the two continents: “The human touch to sales is more important here than in Europe because businesses rely more on recommendations and are less bureaucratic. Therefore, going to social events and expanding your network drives even more value for the business you represent. 

The US investor mindset is vastly different than the European one. Investors here put more emphasis on the team than on the numbers, knowing that revenue forecasts for startups are rarely accurate. This drives innovation and enables the emergence of previously unthinkable business models.” 

As well as this, Dragos added that “the humbleness of world class business leaders and openness to offer their help on their own time whenever the occasion arose” came as a pleasant surprise.

Among these business leaders, “I would particularly like to highlight Christian Jorg and Anne Blum who are helping us almost every day. Also, Ralf Hirt of 8W8 Advisors Inc. works closely with me on reaching our goals here.” 

Since YArooms is SaaS (Software as a Service), special attention was paid to how it is regarded on the American market. Here’s what Dragos had to say: “Tech business leaders here can not stress enough the importance of the SaaS approach to software solutions. Everything is turning to a subscription service, even food, so it’s a must to grow our SaaS platform more than other types of services we have in our offer. 

Almost every technology startup here is a SaaS platform and the best minds specialised in SaaS growth are either in New York or San Francisco.” 

And what opportunity does the Ellis Accelerator represent for YArooms?

“YArooms already has half of our customer base in the US, so going closer to where our customers are, both from a marketing approach and commercially makes perfect sense. One of our goals here is laying the seeds for a US based sales team. Another goal is finding a strategic customer in one of our verticals that grows a lot and needs an amazing technology partner to help them tackle space scheduling related challenges.” 

To sum up, in the words of YArooms’ CEO Dragos Badea: “We are trying to make the most out of it and work closely with a few experts on our growth strategy while here.”

22 Oct 2019 13:49


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