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The most attractive victims for hackers: are you among them?

Over the past three years, crackers have managed to hack more than 100 million passwords to social media accounts, emails, banking accounts, and other services used to store data.
Abusive actions made hackers rich by $3.7 billion and lead to the situation when sensitive information (such as correspondence, photos, financial data, tax bills, social security numbers, etc.) of internet users is kept on adversaries' servers.

The worst part of it is that this information will be used by hackers sooner or later.

According to the sociologists of the Pew Research Center, three-quarter of Americans still don't take passwords for online services seriously. Such internet users sometimes spend a huge amount of money on a heavy-duty locking, alarm and video control system, but hereby they use passwords like 123456789 for the services that keep sensitive data. Whereas others start using VPN services to achieve the desired security on the web.

Experts say that internet consumers should understand that cybersecurity is of great significance these days. Cyber hackers do not simply steal your money but they seize your past, present, and future. What is even more dreadful, users don't imagine how the stolen information can be used.

Meanwhile, the experts in cybersecurity issues reckon that any user has a chance to be protected against hacking attacks at the 98.3% credible level. However, it is required to follow some simple recommendations.

Passwords' length

The minimal number of sign in a password should consist of 20 signs. Create the individual passwords that would contain numbers, capital letters, punctuation marks, and other signs.

Don't use any apps or notebooks to store them. Keep your passwords in mind!

Six-month rule

Make it your rule to change the password for your account every six months. Contrary to all expectations, long passwords are difficult to forget. They stick in the mind permanently and can be used for the upgrade.

All you need is to change or add a couple of signs.

A smartphone is a great helper

Nowadays, it is possible to synchronize all the account with a smartphone. It allows informing the users about the security attacks on their accounts. SMS is a good tool to be protected against medium-scale crackers.

VPN can be used

Few, if any, internet users don't know about VPN services. However, not everyone knows about its beneficial facility to encrypt everything (passwords used while signing in, visited websites, used services, browsing history, etc.).

Thus, choosing your VPN provider, it is recommended to have a closer look at the ciphering methods and tunneling protocols. As a rule, VPNs use a 256-bit key encoding which is almost impossible to hack.

For the final, one interesting fact should be highlighted here.

People, who prefer the mobile internet to free Wi-Fi hotspots, fall victim to data theft and cyber attacks less frequently (by 25%).

The reason is Wi-Fi vulnerabilities that make it easier for the hackers to steal sensitive data, passwords, and whatnot.

That is why it is necessary to set best leg foremost to become protected on the internet.

Be sure that if you reading these lines, you know what steps to follow!

9 Sep 2019 14:04


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