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How to overcome internet threats with the help of VPNOverview

Are you afraid someone might be snooping through your online data? You should be - especially when you're on public Wi-Fi. There are countless risks that come with using the internet. Some of those risks include malware distribution, loss of your personal information, and phishing. Luckily there are steps you can take to protect yourself when using the internet.
There is a cybersecurity website out there that has already done all the research for you on how to adequately protect yourself online. The experts involved have tested many security software solutions and speak about them honestly in their reviews, leaving you with a much simpler task: selecting the right cybersecurity software solutions for you. This website is called VPNOverview. Starting out as a simple VPN review blog in its early days, the site has since developed into a high-authority information source for secure, private and free internet.

Imagine the following scenario: you receive an unusual email from someone in your contacts that you rarely talk to. An old friend or a colleague from your previous job, maybe. Opening their email to see what they have to say might seem like the logical thing to do, but it isn’t the safest. These emails can be traps. This is called phishing. Phishing is a common, relatively new form of cybercrime that involves tricking targets into sharing sensitive or valuable information by sending out emails or messages from seemingly trustworthy accounts.

An effective defence against these and many other online threats is a VPN: a virtual private network. A VPN is a secure connection that allows you to surf the web anonymously, safely and freely. However, there are tons of VPN platforms out there offering various services. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, and some are better than others. Going through them all to find out which is the best for you can be extremely tedious and time-consuming. Fortunately, there’s an easy way around that.

How VPNOverview helps minimise online risks

VPNOverview informs about everything related to VPNs and cybersecurity. Founder and managing director of, David Janssen, explains what they do and what their mission is:
    “The digital era we are currently living in is amazing, but also poses a lot of threats. I, myself, have been looking for solutions to these obstacles we face online constantly. Once I started the research and started to test various services and platforms, I realised that everyone could benefit from that information. The logical next step was to set up VPNOverview so I could share my findings with others. The feedback we now get from our customers motivates us and confirms that we’re giving today’s society what it needs.”
The team behind VPNOverview provides its readers with a wide variety of informative articles pertaining to VPN usage, online privacy and staying safe and anonymous on the internet. Additionally, they offer an overview of some of the most trustworthy and qualitative VPN services available on the market. Every one of their articles is to be found on their website for free. There even are some discounts you can get if you decide to get a VPN from a trusted provider through VPNOverview.

Practical advice for any internet user
  1. Stay informed – know what you’re up against

    Facing online threats and cybercrime becomes even more challenging when you are completely uninformed. On you’ll find a practical list of the most common forms of cybercrime. Read about the way cybercriminals go about their business and how they try to trick you into providing them with valuable information. The articles will also tell you how to best protect yourself from malicious attacks. Some of the topics tackled include phishing, botnets, DDoS attacks, and identity theft.

  2. Stay private online

    Cybercrime isn’t the only thing you need to be wary of. Your IP address allows companies, websites and governments to see your location as well as the sites you’re browsing. It’s your personal online fingerprint, which includes all your actions on the internet. You can prevent outer forces from tracking your online activity by hiding your IP address. This is exactly what a VPN will do for you.

    A VPN provides you with a ‘new’ IP address. Any company or website that tries to track you, will process the IP of the VPN instead of the one tied to your computer. This new IP address is not tied to your location and any data going through it will be secured and coded. As a result, no one will be able to see what you do online. Hence they can’t create a profile on you either, and you’ll be able to browse anonymously.

  3. Stay safe while using public Wi-Fi

    You might think it’s great that there’s such a thing as free public Wi-Fi in your local Starbucks. It might come in handy when you wish to take care of any important business while on the road. There’s a catch, however. Malware’s goal is to collect your personal information, including credit card numbers, financial information, usernames and passwords, and other sensitive data. This information is all very easily obtainable if you use a public Wi-Fi connection unprotected.

    Luckily there are ways to keep yourself safe when using these public networks. First of all, a VPN can once again keep you from harm. Not even the host of the public network will be able to see what you do online. Apart from that, there are other tips and tricks that you might want to abide by in order to stay safe:

    - Avoid sites that don’t work with HTTPS.
    - Don’t download software from sites you don’t trust.
    - Have all privacy and security settings on your device and apps fully enabled.
    - Keep your anti-virus and security software up to date.
    - Use browser extensions and other safety products to block anyone from tracking your device.

  4. Use cloud and other backup services

    Our online data is precious and in need of protection. Others are constantly trying to steal, alter and delete our sensitive information. In order to prevent this, it is advisable to store any crucial data in the cloud or store it using other backup services. VPNoverview explains this topic in more detail, while also suggesting various tools to help you safely store your important files.
All things considered, privacy and security are important factors to consider in this time when big parts of our lives occur (partly) online. Using VPN services can elevate your protection, but entrusting a VPN with all your online traffic can be tricky. You need a VPN that is trustworthy and has a good reputation without any scandals or dodgy privacy statements. This requires research – and lots of it. VPNoverview is an online platform that simplifies this complicated and laborious process. Do you want to know more about them or the kind of information they spread? Check out the links below.


7 Jun 2019 18:00


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