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SnatchBot added LINE to increase its multi-channel reach

Businesses and organizations resort to social media for a number of activities vital to their operations. These include marketing and advertising, customer experience and an interface to chat live with their customers. Social media has been the answer for a long time because of its reach when compared to mainstream media. SnatchBot is a world-famous free chatbot platform that's helping companies in providing effective and efficient customer service.
SnatchBot added LINE to increase its multi-channel reach

How SnatchBot works

As such, SnatchBot rides on social media to provide artificial intelligence (AI) customer experience solutions across various platforms. These platforms depend on both public and client needs. The basic idea involves chatting with consumers based on an AI system.

Social media is a great platform to answer customer queries but with a massive following, it may be a daunting task when you only have a few individuals respond to them. SnatchBot solves the need of having to employ multiple resources towards answering customer questions by leveraging AI.

Introduction of LINE

Acknowledged for creating a cloud-based bot design that can integrate with other social media channels like email, websites, Messenger, Slack, and Twilio as well as SnatchApp (one of their own), SnatchBot has recently added LINE integration to help its analytics and publishing platform expand into Asia and Japan.

SnatchBot is a true fast-mover: It was founded in 2015 and just a year after inception, it had acquired over 18,000 subscribers. With its platform integration into LINE channel, SnatchBot is increasing its reach to over 200 million users in Asia and Japan. LINE launched in 2011, acquiring over 200 million subscribers in a few months. In 2013, it scaled up to became Japan's largest social network with over 218 million active accounts. Currently, the organization is worth over $1.4 billion.

SnatchBot’s LINE integration means endless opportunities for businesses wishing to explore the Asian and Japanese markets.

What businesses should expect from SnatchBot

It is important to note that SnatchBot has a state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing (NLP) system. The NLP system is tasked with analyzing, understanding and generating human speech. Therefore, SnatchBot's NLP strives to make interactions between computers and people feel natural just like the human to human interactions. The purpose of the AI is to help the computer-based system to be able to reason like humans.

Coupled together, the system presents SnatchBot with the capability of offering businesses with customer experience solutions via a computer system with human-like interactions.
  • Time-saving

    SnatchBot facilitates fast pre-generated responses to simple client queries. The mechanism ensures that customer simple queries are answered within the appropriate time frame mostly immediately. This gives businesses the opportunity to respond to more complex issues from consumers rather than wallow in a sea of simple questions. Take for instance, an organization like SONY; they may be getting a lot of questions about their PlayStation product. Questions on how to switch on the PlayStation 3 console could be easily answered by SnatchBot's system. This creates time for PlayStation to deal with more technical issues like telling customers how to chip their PlayStation consoles.

  • Cost effective

    Despite being a free app, SnatchBot helps businesses save time and money. By easily handling routine questions, the platform gives way for deeper issues to be solved by real people. In this sense, rather than employing more resources to handle routine questions, organizations save by delegating that task to SnatchBot. This saves those organizations money which can be geared towards other company objectives.

    The National Australia Bank can attest to this. It stated that by using chatbox, the organization will save about 16 million Australian dollars a year.

  • Customer network

    A Business’s main objective is revenue creation. For revenue to be generated, businesses require customers. Customer experience is also key to retaining customers besides creating new ones. SnatchBot enables businesses to connect with customers and gives them a channel through which the customers can access after sales services efficiently.

    SnatchBot integrates with other social media platforms to enhance business connection with customers in different social media platforms. LINE is a true testimony on how SnatchBot users (businesses) can connect with millions of new and existing customers in Asia and Japan.

SnatchBot’s LINE addition to its list of channels is proof that the organization will continue to expand its portfolio as well as make customer experience operations effective for both the business and the customer.

22 Oct 2018 13:45