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Live trivia could be a powerful tool for building customer engagement

The rising popularity of live trivia games in the mobile market supports the assertion that live interactive video content might be the future of advertisement and marketing. In the last couple of years, marketers and advertisers in the digital space have started making strategic shift away from hard-sell advertising tactics that push a sales message to the audience. Now, advertisers are leveraging entertaining, interesting, and engaging content across social media platform to pull potential customers towards their brands.
Video content is about to become more engaging

Video content has consistently proven to be reliable in getting the attention of an audience, invoking targeted emotions in them, providing clarity about your marketing message, and making it easier for them to become passionate brand ambassadors.

Live trivia could be a powerful tool for building customer engagement
Salman Khan, the founder of Khan Academy, while speaking during a TED2011 talk titled “Let’s Use Video to Reinvent Education”, observes that live interactive exercises are incredibly powerful at helping students learn course materials at their own pace. Beyond education, live interactive sessions have the potential to help businesses activate increased user engagement via social media.

When HQ Trivia debuted in August 2017 as a live-streamed trivia app in which players answer questions in the hopes of getting a slice of the prize money, not many people would have imagined that it would redefine social media engagement. In the last one year, HQ Trivia has successful pulled crowds of about one million engaged players twice every day. The chance to win some money looks like a great motivator but the slice of the winning in most games suggests that there’s a bigger attraction than monetary rewards. The lure of answering all 12 questions and hanging out with the hots and fellow HQties is simply undeniable.

The incredible success of HQ Trivia has seen it getting investments of more than $15 million, putting its valuation around $100 million. Some the key investors include Founders Fund and Lightspeed Venture Partners, which is also the first institutional investor in Snapchat.

That's Right!, who launched about two months ago, is another fast-rising trivia game application that buttresses the place of interactive video content in building user engagement. In the first two weeks of its launch, That’s Right! recorded more than 35,000 downloads and the number has grown exponentially since then. That’s Right! offers another insight into how to retain engagement in a mobile game with its strategy of allowing players to stay in the game until the very end of each session.

On HQ Trivia, players are disqualified when they miss the answer to a question and they can only stay in the game if they have an extra life. However, on That’s Right! players get a chance to win money both from answering all the questions correctly and from a raffle draw at the end of the game.

Businesses, advertisers, and marketers can copy That’s Right to leverage the gamification of video content for increasing user engagement with their video content. Instead of pushing video ads to them, live trivia sessions can pull users to your brand and encourage them to engage with you. More so, asking trivia questions about your brand, products, industries, or markets could go a long way in helping them associate with your brand at a deeper level.

27 Aug 2018 15:25


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