Enlarged prostate (BPH) treatment with Thermobalancing therapy is now available and can stand out as an option for many men, especially when BPH is diagnosed in time." />
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New safe therapy to reverse prostate enlargement: Thermobalancing

BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) is a very common problem that causes LUTS (lower urinary tract symptoms) for men that are over 50. Normally, this is treated with surgical procedures, medications and phytotherapy. However, now, thanks to a recent study, we know that a topically applied therapeutic device can be really effective for LUTS. Enlarged prostate (BPH) treatment with Thermobalancing therapy is now available and can stand out as an option for many men, especially when BPH is diagnosed in time.

The recent study saw 124 men that were over 55 and that had prostate sizes of under 60ml, while having BPH. The therapeutic device was used through the application of natural thermo elements for six months. There was also a secondary control group of 124 men in the same conditions that did not get therapy done.


After the six months application process, Qmax that shows urinary flow was increased, while urinary symptoms, measured by IPSS - International Prostate Symptom Score, and prostate size (PV), measured by ultrasound, were reduced. When looking at the control group, there were negative outcomes. In men that had BPH we also had positive outcomes instantly visible.


The study was really important because it for the first time showed that the topical treatment can be used in order to help men suffering from BPH. The use of Thermobalancing therapy is now seen as a viable treatment option, when enabled by therapeutic device, simply called Dr Allen’s device. When the device is used, urinary symptoms and PV are reduced, quality of life (QoL) is improved and Qmax is gradually increased. This is done naturally and gradually. Topically applied treatment will now be recommended for men affected by LUTS as prostate is enlarged.

Thoughts of interest

Thanks to the study we now know that topical treatment can improve QoL and decrease IPSS for both LUTS and BPH. This is actually done in a significant way. PV levels are reduced and Qmax will be increased. Prostate large size is not an obstruction for such a therapeutic device being used. The men that had Qmax under 5ml/s had to be suggested surgical procedures but if PV was under 60ml, during a six months treatment, improvements are suitable and Thermobalancing therapy does stand out as an alternative to consider to surgical treatments.

BPH is normally treated with medications but these cannot actually offer symptomatic relief and reach prostates when during its enlargement. Prostate surgeries and BPH drugs can lead to various side effects, which can be avoided thanks to the use of Thermobalancing therapy. As an example, thanks to two studies performed by Harvard Medical School, we now know that complications appear when using tamsulosin (retrograde ejaculation and lightheadedness) and terazosin (acute urinary retention).

In conclusion, Thermobalancing therapy stands out as a completely viable option for men that have an enlarged prostate and that want to avoid medications or surgeries while in the early stages of BPH. The problem is that the option is not available everywhere. In fact, this is a therapy that is trademarked and invented by Dr. Simon Allen. This therapy and device received a patent in the United States, which underlines its uniqueness. Make sure you are not tricked by something that is not actually Thermobalancing therapy.

6 Aug 2018 13:30


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