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4 ways that artificial intelligence will shape the future

Artificial intelligence is already changing our lives. We now have voice assistants on our smartphones, and even in our homes! Here are four areas in which artificial intelligence is set to revolutionize.


One of the United Kingdom’s biggest hospitals recently unveiled plans to introduce artificial intelligence to take over certain roles from doctors and nurses. This has been a long time coming. Ever since the earliest days of artificial intelligence, many have predicted that it will ultimately perform many important functions within the context of healthcare.

Sufficiently advanced artificial intelligence would be capable of undertaking a variety of tasks within a hospital setting. But it also has an important role to play in our home lives. The ability for patients to easily and reliably carry out diagnostic tests on themselves would be revolutionary. With a simply administered test, and an accompanying AI to analyze the results, we could dramatically reduce the current strain on hospitals across the world.


By now, everyone has surely heard of driverless cars. But not everyone is aware of the full range of technologies that are required for a driverless car to be able to work properly. Artificial intelligence is needed to allow the car to ‘see’. In addition to detecting whether there is an object around the vehicle, it is hoped that soon these cars will be able to identify what objects are around them. Artificial intelligence will also be important in developing route and mapping software. Finding the most efficient path between two points on a map is a much more complex computing task than many people realize.


Artificial intelligence has potential roles to play in all industries. Not only can artificial intelligence be used to improve the efficiency with which machines complete their operations, it will also allow the humans involved in the process to perform their functions as effectively as possible. A sufficiently advanced and specialized artificial intelligence would be able to devise a much more efficient workflow than a human.


Over the last decade, we have already begun to see the emergence of artificial intelligence programs that are designed to analyze economic trends and automatically buy and sell stocks, as well as perform a number of other economic activities. As well as the role it has to play in traditional economic fields, artificial intelligence could also be used to enhance the emerging cryptocurrency technology. The Magnus Collective is just one example of this. They are taking a potentially revolutionary approach to cryptocurrency by incorporating artificial intelligence into the process. The Magnus Collective uses a truly decentralized network that comprises human, artificial intelligence, and robotics. They have been gaining considerable media attention, owing to the significance of the technology they are developing.

Artificial intelligence is one of the most significant technologies of our age. There are few aspects of our lives that artificial intelligence won’t affect over the following years and decades. The fields listed above are just a small selection of those that we expect to be revolutionized by AI technology.

12 Jun 2018 14:59


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