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Work smarter: What technology is driving your business?

Most companies take the position that more technology is better because added tools supposedly make it easier to get things done. But what if technology is really holding your business back? The most productive companies may be those that strike a balance - choosing the right tools and minimizing the excess.
Rather than loading up on tools, you need to determine which tools are driving your business and which are just cluttering the desktop. Choose the wrong apps and add-ons and you wind up with a workplace that’s a non-stop chat room. But find that magic combination and watch employees’ productivity skyrocket.

Start with a schedule

One of the most important pieces of technology your office will ever invest in is a scheduling tool, so it’s vital that you choose the right one. Why? A comprehensive scheduling tool provides several key pieces of information according to the scheduling experts at TimeTrack24: such tools outline the who, what, and when of every task.

By using an appropriate scheduling tool, your business can cut down on the interruptions caused by constant messaging, whether via email or instant messaging. If your business does use a messaging program to increase productivity, there should be clear limits to that program and a single in-house messaging system. When employees are trying to pay attention to multiple platforms, it amounts to multitasking and multitasking leads to mistakes.

Get offline

When choosing software solutions for your office, many companies prioritize cross-platform access and expect their employees to check messaging apps even when they’re away from the office. In fact, 81% of employees in work-chat groups say they receive messages during off hours. Another 50% say this makes it hard to disconnect from work and that can have negative effects on productivity, especially when they’re obligated to answer those messages.

Although messaging platforms have been shown to increase productivity, using them all the time can cancel out those benefits. When using instant messaging technology to communicate, restrict usage to standard office hours and discourage employees from adding the apps to personal devices. Employees who are given a chance to step away from deadlines and technology are better rested and less stressed than those who are always plugged in.

Reconsider notifications

Most scheduling apps, chat tools, and other business technology is designed with built-in notifications, much like the push notifications on our phones. But do those instant notifications do more harm than good?

Rather than checking every notification that comes in, it may be best to turn alerts off and set specific times to address emails and other messages. This is part of being proactive rather than reactive to work responsibilities, and it’s also another way to reduce multitasking. No matter what tools you’re using, if they’re overwhelming your employees, they’re holding you back.

When choosing the right technology for your business, less really is more. You need a few tools that keep all team members in sync without leaving them distracted and bouncing from task to task. Rather than overloading your employees with a different tool for every job, streamline your office tools. You may be surprised how a few programs – and a little time away – help everyone accomplish more.

30 Apr 2018 13:47


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