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FLOGmall ICO - The future of cryptocurrency e-commerce?

FLOGmall recently announced its ICO pre sale success, reaching the targeted soft cap and raising 387 ETH from early investors. The next step for the project is the Pre-ICO that will take place between 22 February and 8 March, set at a cap of $2.5m. After that the project will go through an ICO phase trying to reach $5m, leading to the full launch of the project. All this is really important if adopted for those that are involved in e-commerce and considering accepting cryptocurrency payments. Here's why.
FLOGmall explained

FLOGmall utilises blockchain technology to facilitate e-commerce. The project seeks to go beyond the plain-vanilla photos and product descriptions now so common in e-commerce and add engaging videos to spur sales through its cryptocurrency. Its advantage over other such platforms is the ability for shop owners to integrate video product presentations into their stores. FLOGmall could actually set a trend through this system, as people are much more interested in visual presentations of what they will buy as opposed to photographs or plain text. All this is made whole with a multitude of extra features of use for both sellers and buyers.

Advantages Of FLOGmall

FLOGmall basically offers an interesting ecommerce platform based on videos that could be expanded for worldwide use. What instantly sets it apart from other platforms that can accept cryptocurrencies is its proprietary technology to minimise instability. Many of the popular currencies are volatile, which can cause all kinds of problems for business owners who expect the currency they use to remain relatively constant in value.

FLOGmall is creating a new cryptocurrency called MALLCOIN (MLC). It is well suited to e-commerce because tokens are going to be controlled and will not be affected by inflation due to lower number limitations than the other coins. Combine this with high-end, modern security for all transactions through FLOGmall and we are looking at a highly promising platform.

Is FLOGmall the future of cryptocurrency e-commerce?

At this point in time, it is difficult to tell because there are still different stages that the project has to go through in order to come to fruition. However, the acceptance level among potential customers is quite high. We are looking at a new system that has a practical use, which is not the case with most of the ICO projects you will find on the internet right now.

In the event that many users utilize MALLCOIN and FLOGmall as a way to perform online transactions, the project has the potential to be a huge success. Of course, this would be the perfect time to make an investment if you see a bright future for FLOGmall, since pre-sale commitments do bring in a bonus of 4% for the investment made. For 1 ETH invested people are going to receive 3000 MLC. If the project turns out to enjoy a wide engagement and acceptance, those that back it will reap a considerable profit.

At the end of the day, the decision to invest is a personal one. But if you see the potential here, and you have the budget to make an investment without depleting your reserves, it’s definitely an idea worth further exploration.

26 Feb 2018 16:22


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